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What is wrong with everybody? Criticizing Dear Leader in such a manner. Can't you all see what the real problem is, it is so very obvious. The other nineteen leaders of the G20 are nothing but a bunch of racist, bitter clingers who are intellectually incapable of fully grasping the brilliant subtlety of The One's Plan for the World.

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First, lets stop criticizing Big Hollywood and Breitbart for allowing this post, we are not like the Left, which tries to silence all opposing views. The only way to understand our ideological opponents is by listening to their views, not hostile interpretations of those views, which is essentially how the left deals with their ideological opponents. And the only way to be able to learn to refute those views is also by listening to what they are saying. Now, as to the logic of the "we must reduce carbon emissions to stop global warming" argument. Notice that even if we go back to levels that are 20% lower than those of 1990 the ultimate outcome will be a drop in temperature of .1 degree Fahrenheit. I would like to see the figures of how much atmospheric carbon has increased since the beginning of the 20th century and how much the figure, 20% lower than 1990 levels, represents of the total carbon increase. Because if reducing by that amount will only lead to a drop in .1 degree Fahrenheit, then conversely, an increase by that amount, according to their theories, will only increase temps the same.

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I say give them all some old cannons, muskets and swords and let them fight it out Trafalgar style. Bet the Japanese beat them like they beat the Russians at Port Arthur in 19 aught 5.

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The author offered many good ideas on how to rebuild New Orleans; however, some were a bit myopic. Why emphasize certain current, en vogue industries? No one can predict with any degree of certainty what sectors of the economy, what industries will be profitable and economically viable and thus able to continue to provide job opportunities and serve as a tax base. Just ask the now defunct Eastern European communist countries about trying to plan economic futures; it is an exercise in futility. The city should establish an environment that is conducive to all types of business so that future innovators and entrepreneurs do not have to wait for their industry to be hip in order to be granted special favors by the city.

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What is so patheticaly humourous about Obama critics being called racist is that Bill and Hillary got ten times the criticism as the Blamer in Chief. So those who have been closely following politics for years know there really is no basis for the claim that Obama is being treated unfairly.

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Came home to watch the midnight repeat of SouthPark to catch episode 2; found a rerun from earlier this month. Did Comedy Central wuss out again?

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You have to understand all the different philosophies that were borrowed from by the Scientific Socialists before you can understand how they can, despite their claims to being "tolerant and liberal," actually promote totalitarianism. When a "classical liberal" (modern conservative) talks about freedom they mean that individuals are free from government interference in enjoying "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." For modern liberals (scientific socialists) freedom means that people are free to follow natural laws and sociological laws, with those laws being determined by an elite intellectual class, who will then transmit them to the political class who turn them into civil laws that have to be followed. Pardon the run-on sentence.

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I love it. Hollywood stars: The Herpes sores on America's face. No wonder the Muslim's hate us, they don't want our herpes spreading to them. And who can blame them for that?

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I just got off the phone with Ms. Reagan, a call which I taped, and she has admitted that she is, in her own words, "A half-witted, sleazy, unscrupulous, dishonest and untalented journalistic hack who doesn't care about the truth, facts or America and has to resort to lies and distortions to sell a product." And as soon as I find my invisible tape recorder I will prove that those are her own words.

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And I have to disagree on what Classical Liberal tenets consevatives are defending in the modern era. All the true conservatives I am familiar with defend the principles of individual liberties and rights versus modern liberal principles of group identity and rights and collectivism; they defend the idea of free market capitalism versus modern liberal notions of quasi-socialistic state interventionist economic policies; they promote the idea of federalism and a small, non-obtrusive federal government versus modern liberalism's overpowerful and large bureaucratic central government; and modern conservatives believe in the power of individuals to take care of their own interests and in individual personal responsibility versus modern liberalism's notion that the government has a large role in taking care of people, even those who are irresponsible and are the cause of their own suffering.