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RE: Health Care Nullification. This article is great!! I know there are things we ordinary citizens can do to get the process going in our states. I live in California and don't know if our rino Governor has any intention of fighting this health care debacle on a state level, as he is married to a Kennedy; some of the greatest socialists of our time. I am ready for a revolution to take our country back from the Communists in the white house!!

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I have been trying since this morning to post a reply to wickedblinker52, and, nothing happens. I will keep trying, but, thought I would do it here:
My husband is also a Vietnam Veteran and served with the Navy for four years. I remember well the protests and the shameful and deplorable reception our returning Vietnam Vets received when arriving home. You and Brian333 have really put my mind at ease, so, won't worry so much. Our country is in GREAT military hands; long live America and freedom!!!

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OOPS! I am new at this and have probably made a few errors in posting. Thank you, Brian333, you have made me feel so much better. I could never imagine our military allowing Osama Obama and his czars to totally ruin our beautiful America and suppress its citizens. Thank you for your service to our country! I have the utmost respect for our military and, when I see one of our service members, I make a point to shake their hands and tell them "thank you for serving our country!" It's the least I can do. I will be 61 this year and have never seen the likes of Osama Obama before. I have never felt so vulnerable as I do now. I hope that Dictator Obama will be either over thrown or voted out of office before it's to late for America! God bless you, Brian 333!!

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OldMarine, thank you for your service to our country! I have been extremely upset at what Dictator Obama, his czars and the Dummycrats who are in his pockets are doing to our wonderful America! I am fearful for my grown kids and grandkids and other people's kids and grandkids that will be living in a land of the not so free, if this administration succeeds with their plans on one-world order. I have a question for you based on a comment from an acquaintance. She told me she has a friend in the military who said that, if the country starts to deteriorate under Obama's rule, that the military would go against him and protect we Americans. Do you think that is a possibility or is the military obligated to protect Dictator Obama at our expense? I would hope they would come to our defense. What is your comment?

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I used to have a very high level of respect for Colin Powell until he made the comment that we citizen's of America want universal health care. I wonder who he discussed that idea with to come to that conclusion; certainly not me. If he would have asked me, I would have told him I abhor the thought of our government taking over our medical care or anything else, for that matter!

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Yes, he was elected by the majority of our voters but many of us think the election was rigged. The majority of the voters who voted him in, are people who think they are entitled to government money and know that Obama feels sorry for those poor, down trodden people. Obama's group, ACORN, is being investigated for voter fraud; arrests have been and are still being made and convictions have been handed down. Most American's want our border's secured, but, our politicians want to appear "politically correct" or they run the risk of being called racists. Please don't judge America based on a few idiots in our country. Most Americans are decent, hard-working human beings and are tired of all the crap the politicians hand to us. When we do take action, such as our tax day Tea Parties to protest our excessive taxes, our Secretary of Homeland Defense puts us on a right-wing extremist list. Obama's administration is being run by sleazeballs; the worse we have ever had. They are slowly trying to take away our rights as we head down the path yo socialism.

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I am an American. Many of us are very upset that he was voted in to office. He is slowly ruining our country. Please don't judge all Americans by the actions of some stupid people in our country.

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I am an American and did not vote for Obama and want to apologize to the Israeli's for his attitude toward your country. He isn't good for America, either, because he is showing the world he is weak. I wish President Bush was still in office; he was a friend to the Israeli's and tried very hard to help you. I felt safe under the Bush administration and don't feel safe at all with Obama in office. I support any actions your country takes to keep its citizens safe. Please don't judge America by the actions of our president; most Americans support Israel.