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Wow. Condition "aid" (i.e., free weapons systems) to Israel on its not committing war crimes.

If that is Amerika's idea of "progressive" politics, you are one sorry lot.

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PG is easily the most astute observer of Zionist corruption endemic in "our Democracy." But he is not a Johnny-one note. The Zionist elements in charge generally leave their servants in Washington free to make fools of themselves wherever and whenever the farce benefits the Jews and Zion. The Zionist is terrified of only two nation states on earth: Iran and Russia. The Zionist is quite happy as long as the "Russia stole our democracy" fairy tale stays in the news.

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Everyone posting on this site is under arrest for providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Report to your closest ADL office for processsing

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I was suprised to see the following statement by America's most astute and intrepid analyst of Israeli/Jewish ownership of US policy: "Israel has long been reluctant to enter into any actual treaty arrangement with the United States because it might limit its options and restrain its aggressive pattern of military incursions."

Post-GHW Bush, I doubt the ZE has ever entertained any serious concern that the USG, under any circumstance, would impose limits on Jewish/Israeli options or restraint in its murderous international war criminality. Washington is a Jewish/Israeli tool it wields with total control.

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The US and Israel are the leading state terrorists. The US, because it can; Israel, because the US is at its host. The elite American Jews who cry "anti-Semitism" when identified incorrectly as "dual loyalist" laugh at us. That "trope" serves them well -- it is a mask hiding the blood-sucking snout of a venomous parasite, draining American resources while infecting its body politic with the poison of pro-Zionism.

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Epstein---and... Ehud Barak, Bronfman, Brunel, Dershowitz, Glenn Dubin, Gosman, Larry Krause, Maxwell, Marvin Minsky, Pinker, Summers, Wexner, Zuckerman, Woody Allen...and on and on .

What is the ... connection?

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Positively hilarious, coming from this lightweight, Tommy "Wet" Knapp:

"Republicans quickly ducked into phone booths and emerged wearing sackcloth, ashes, yarmulkes and Star of David armbands to wail in unison that AOC was disrespecting victims of the Holocaust by comparing the concentration camps where the US government holds immigrants to the concentration camps where Hitler killed millions of Jews."

Wet, "moderator" (i.e., one-man Star Chamber) at Anti-War, bans any comment that even uses the word "Jew."

I suppose he had to post this here because he couldn't post it under his own censorious standards at ATW.

An ass clown though and through.

To which I must add: If accurate nomenclature makes you so uncomfortable that you feel compelled to protest its use, there’s probably a reason.

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As PG knows and has written about on many occasions, the problem is not JUST that Washington does not pursue the interests of the American people. It is that the reigning political culture long ago ceased to even try to understand or define those interests. It is impossible to have influence within the existing political institutions without full commitment to the Zionist-corporate complex. No one politician or even group of politicians (e.g., the ersatz "progressives") can change the culture that automatically expunges the radical and dangerous notion of American "interests" from its vocabulary.

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Elliott Abrams, Elliott Abrams...

Any misguided optimists out there who still think the Republic has a chance to save itself from its own profound sickness, I give you...Elliott Abrams...

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Someone already noted that Fisk must have decided to start mailing it in. This makes it pretty obvious.

Poor Robert Fisk. In the end, do even the few who have shown some spine all go heebie jeebies after the years of Zionist cudgels to their head?

CZE--chronic Zionist encephalopathy?

Who knows.

All i can say: Farakhan 2020.