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"Progressive" American Jewish intellectuals like Richman dominate the "pro-Palestinian" narrative in the US.
Why has this group so assiduously worked to become the "voice of the Palestinians"--and drowned out or at least muffled the Palestinian's own voice?
Because they are Zionists.
By way of illustration: "(A few political controversies, such as whether the right of return for the Palestinian refugees is feasible, remain.)" Like all these Zionists in progressive clothing--Finkelstein included--for Richman European Jewish domination of land that Zionist terrorists expropriated and colonized by mass murder and expulsion of the inhabitants is axiomatic. It just should be in the form--and I do mean form--of a "democratic state."
These people are Zionists. Full stop. They never examine the fundamental assumption--that there should, and can continue to be, a "pre-1967" "Israel." They do not want anyone to raise that question. So they control the story—and make it all about the “settlements,” as if “Israel” pre-1967 was not the granddaddy of all “settlements.”
There are in truth two "solutions" --the only just solution, the gradual repatriation of European Jewry from all of Palestine, including "Israel," to their pre-War countries of origin (the Helen Thomas solution) --or the eradication of the Palestinian from Palestine.
History is clear: All militarist colonial enterprises that fail to wipe out the native or completely subjugate them into permanent racial underclasses fail. The British--India model, or the European-Americas model. Take your pick. At this stage--and ONLY because of Zionist control of US policy and practice--I would bet my money on the latter.

It does not have to be this way. But the only way it can be avoided is if the a priori--"a Jewish state" on Palestinian property--is critically re-evaluated.

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There is no "deep state." There is the State. And it is right out in the open, blatant, obscene, unaccountable. There is also no "fake news" relating to matters of significance that depends on actual deception to achieve its objective. Nobody's fooled--but most everyone is cowed.

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Since 911, the whores in DC have transferred about $10 trillion to the DoD for operations and procurement. That's almost half the national debt. And half of that went to the "industrial" part of the MIC. And the best part of all--if you're a congressional whore, a pentagon pimp, or thieving and treacherous "contractor"--is that the Pentagon has not disclosed where a single penny of it went.
Nope. Not a dime. Every year hypocrites like Grassley make speeches about how terrible it is that DoD has never issued an honest set of financial statements in its entire freakin' post WWII history--then turn right around and vote to give them hundreds of billions more of the public wealth, knowing damn well it will go down the same black whole as all the trillions in the past.

And nobody talks about it.

It's business as usual.

The greatest grift in the history of Mankind--and Amerikans (or at least those who are even aware of it) shrug and turn back to their mindless social mediating and binge watching.

Yeah, the Empire's moribund.

The only real question is whether we will kill ourselves before the Israelis do it for us.

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My only question is when will 18-year old American boys and girls start to have to register for service in the Israel Defense Forces?....

What's that?

What do I think they have been doing for the last 40 years?

You know--you're right!

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Another example of Zionist control of the "pro-Palestinian" narrative in the West. Utter some of truths about Jewish genocide of Palestine, using sanitized language, of course; deflect fault from Jewish power itself; and finish off the story by the oldest of "canards"--that the Jews are the victims!

"The United States, Israel’s patron and financier, reveled in the move of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move seen by Bible Belt religious fundamentalists as a key step to the return of the Christian Messiah and Armageddon. The rest of us, Jews included, are fated to be burned alive."

So we see here in Mr. Margolis' rhetoric the Chomsky-Finkelstein "client state" nonsense--with Israel as puppet for its patron, the US, which is itself controlled by the dimwitted dispensationalist, with the end result being the revival of the Holocaust.

Axiom: The Jewish Zionist confederation dictates US policy and practice, foreign and (insofar as it concerns them) domestic. It isn't some mere "lobby" (thanks to the shabbat goyim Harvard and Chicago team for perpetuating that false banality and distracting the oh so earnest "progressive" with a target for his impotent and do-nothing whining over the last 15 years).

Objective: The emergence of a true Palestinian voice in the West that pulls no punches and demands the obvious--the absorption and disappearance of the "Jewish and Democratic State" into the Nation of Palestine.

One step: Discredit and crush the Jewish Zionist voice that pretends to champion Palestine by exposing its intrinsic Zionism.

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Alison Weir is not a Jew. But I don't fault the mistake.

The Jew controls the "pro-Palestinian" and "anti-Zionist" "narrative" in the West. It controls the language on all sides of any discussion of the loathsome "Jewish and Democratic State." Only the Jew is permitted to issue the occasional, mild rebuke of the Jew state. And when he does, the State is condemned for betraying "Jewish values"! As if "Jewish values" were anything other than the foul outflow of centuries of self-loathing, apoplectic resentiment of the "other," a spirit driven by a seething and vindictive hatred the likes of which have despoiled no other people in history. The goyim who "dares speak out" is immediately crushed under a wave or "anti-Semitic" defamation. Even Jews who speak the unvarnished truth are swept to the margins--Finkelstein, for example.

The West hears the "Palestinian voice" from the mouth of the Jew.

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There is no Pentagon "audit" going on. It's eye wash, a ten billion exercise in re-identifying "internal control" weaknesses that none of the vested interests have any desire to fix. Yeah, Grassley has been grousing about the Pentagon's non-existent financial record keeping for 25 years--and every year he turns right around and votes for every penny the MIC's insiders demand. No sane person could believe that Congress and the DoD actually want to produce financial statements that receive an unqualified audit report. After all, they are not suicidal.

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Short of massive public uprising in the US streets--and the Black communities are the only ones with the sense and the balls to do it--the Zionist dog will have his day.

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He's writing an e-zine essay, not a comprehensive analysis. Besides, the whole "Saud v. Iran" story is Zionist "fact on the ground" manufacturing. "MBS" is pissing off too many members of the House and the royals are starting to get antsy over Hadji in the street's rage over the love-making with Hymie. My bet: MBS won't see 2020.

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I cannot read watch or listen to any more reports about Syria and Yemen. The realization that the Zionist swine are overwhelmed with joy and jubilation over the slaughter makes me physically ill.