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True. The tribe en masse suffers from paranoid schizophrenia manifesting in delusional obsession with being history's greatest victims. The Zionist argument for its genocide in Palestine infuriates all reasonable Goyim.

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Mr Giraldi mentions a "normal world" in which "the United States had a normal government that adhered to some kind of moral compass."

When has any nation state adhered to a "moral compass"?

One does not need to harbor illusory expectations for the government of the United States to condemn it for allowing a singularly vindictive, sadistic, and destructive force, the Zionist beast, to dominate US foreign policy and increasingly more and more domestic policy, thereby dragging America into utter ruin.

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Amen to Mr Hedge's revulsion for this nonsensical hyperbole about the "FDR of the 21st Century."

I do take issue, however, with the rhetoric that Biden "knows" that what he and his largely Zionautical administration are peddling is flatulence. Biden's brain dead. He's just doing what he always has done--a cut-out for the In Crowd. Onlty he no longer is aware of it.

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More kvetching about America's long history of monstrosities and hypocrisies... The interesting questions are (1) why and (ii) what to do to stop it? The answer to (i) makes (ii) irrelevant. The American polis materially benefits from Empire and the Forever War culture. The rank hypocrisy, literally idiotic in the case of Biden, rationalizes the conduct. One third of the polis, the barbarian-republican-redneck, believes in Empire and gladly recieves its small fragment of the material benefits. Another third, fearful to acknowledge the reality behind the lies and therefore afraid to confront its own responsibility, never looks too closely. It accepts the fraud in order to enjoy the benefits of empire while mitigating its guilt--this group receives the most. The last third, condemning Empire, nevertheless blames it all on some god-like force--the "elite," the "military industrial complex," "neoliberalism," some usurper of democracy, against whom they are powerless to act--and thereby rationalizes its own lack of responsibility and failure to act. This last group, the "Cambridge set," is nourished by self-righteousness -- although it also accepts the benefits of Empire, albeit with the smug satisfaction of the critic.

So lets stop kvetching.

It stops only when we stop accepting the benefit.

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Woody Allen hasn't been funny for 40 years.

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"Anti-Semitism"--the word itself is fraudulent--its true and most effective use is as a label for true statements about Zionists and other organized Jewish activism or exercise of power. Good, old fashioned, core "Anti-Semitism," the slogans and symbols of the money-grubbing parasite, the Swastika, etc. -- are met with such howls of anguish and distress and outrage, that you'd think its the end of the world. The calculation is to inculcate similar distress whenever it is used to attack truths. It is Pavlovian social engineering, plain and simple.

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"Guns or butter" is no longer a problem. It's MMT baby, all the way. The COVID relief deals mean that the budget constraints argument that the neoliberal dems have pushed for ever to no effect (course, they did not push that hard) no longer has any foundation.

Still, the Guns industry will want to quash any serious investment in butter. Even though the "pie" is now infinite. Among other things, we can't enlarge the welfare state too much--just think of all those young, healthy, and poor bodies the war machine needs for its "we need more money to protect our troops" bullshit--not to mention all those Israeli-sponsored wars we have to fight with American troops for ever.

No, the answer is simple, and embarrassingly obvious:


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20 years of US policy dictated by warmongering Jewish Islamaphobes and their shabat goyim is enough.

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All the filthy neocons from the W regime are migrating to the democrat side of the war machine. Like this tub of shit.

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This article is awful naive, even for a Dutchman, although he's right that there's no conspiracy.

There doesn't have to be a conspiracy. Neo-liberalism's path is an organic one. It is simply greed, power, and homo sapiens evolutionary fixation on immediate gratification and imminent threat. Accelerating concentration of wealth among a shrinking circle of winners and expansion of immiseration for everyone else. The noisier the State's declarations of "democracy" with every new deprivation or elimination of fundamental rights.

It isn't a conspiracy--but it certainly behaves like one. In the end, it makes no difference.