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The Pope also said that political Islam a threat to Christians & Muslims alike
read it: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100606/ap_on_re_eu/e...

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All that for the BLOCKADE can you find a way that all could trust ? & stop hate
Charity, compassion is love when intention is true & not a political movement
This tragedy is going to change relations around the world & will not lift blockade unless
you trust each other, & if you cannot trust or have compassion, you should sign a new agreement.
Both side should care about the suffering of citizens.Hope you all wise up before it's too late.

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I agree with all above.I think a religion is defined by a moral code based on text " Scripture " THE TEACHING of the scripture is THE PRINCIPLE source behind the choices & behavior of followers.
Muslim identification since 9/11, irrespective of degree or type of religiosity, has become ideologised in the increasingly dominant discourse of umma nationalism.

Umma nationalism seems to be, currently, a dominant mode of thought for many Muslims, in the west as well as the Muslim world. It conceives the political world as one of confrontation between Muslims on the one side and hostile Christians, Jews and Hindus on the other. It is a variant of the "clash of civilizations".

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I don't think they are all on welfare & if they are than something should be done about it. Law should be reviewed.
& if they wanted a new opportunity , a new life, they should adapt & if they cannot & make troubles, The law should be reviewed & send trouble makers home.

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The extremists calling you Kuffar but they insist in living with KUFFAR, very strange.
.Many Muslims countries signed to fight extremists & we all should too.
I think all media should start to call them the " Muslims KUFFAR S "
In some countries Muslims do force non-muslims to weare veil if they work in muslims school, but the muslims living in non-muslims countries do not want to adapt in the new society , so WHY DO THEY LIVE WITH KUFFAR? why don't they go home & live in muslims countries?

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I think blasphemy in cartoons should stop & think they should do more to STOP the Jihadis & Al-Shabab.. What kind of security is it ? are they waiting that crime happen first. So stupid, they can prevent this kind of conflicts I am sure.

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Maybe that patient was scared of contemplating Jesus death. I don't understand why hospital would change policy, better just to move the patient to another room would be smarter.
Maybe they should remid her of her Koran that recognized Jesus as prophet..
In Muslim's countries you see the words of Koran on wals & every where, no one will ever move them or put them down on demands of Christians or non believers.I think it's time that Europe wise up!

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The problem is that they said " ALL " muslims should be thrown out
which is not fair for good muslims that are not causing problems & participating maybe in the development of the country as any citizen.
If they start another group & say ALL trouble makers, or All extremists or All terrorists etc, should be thrown out or back to home. No one can stop them.
Because all the trillion of $ costing the citizens a life debt. & disturbing security

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STOP JIHADI & throw them out

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That is nice news, movies about persecution bring awareness.
Could you please tell me the name of the movie ?
By the way I am born in Egypt, from Cairo, I am catholic but against any persecution against believers or non-believers & believe in freedom of choice.
I thank God I live in Canada since 1967 & not have to see what is going on in Egypt. I loved Egypt, but this persecution & more did kill my nostalgia.