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Just ordered the GID Greasebat from the fellas at MW. Thanks for the heads up these guys are hard to get.

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Every business owner knows the customer is always right. That's why opinions matter. Everyone that posted here has purchased toys from KR. For marketing, this kind of forum is tops. What's worse than having a product bashed publicly in a forum? Having it ignored. I think it's always good to polarize customers. Those who love it, and those that hate it. Both groups will talk about it that way. Due to anonymity folk tend to openly express what they hate on line more than in real life. It's a great outlet for modern frustrations. Go ahead. Express to me in detail why you hate it so much... designers love to know what makes you tick.

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Check out Steve DeFrank's Lite Brite art. He's the guy that made the giant Alfred E. Neuman for the offices of MAD Magazine in Lite Brite. Steve hand dyes the pegs so he has more colors to work with:

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Anyone want a clear 3 pound solid urethane Munny? LOL! Thanks so much Marcel for 2nd place! I really enjoy reading the judge's critiques on each piece. Love Munny Munth! Great fun! See you all next June!

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The most interesting part of this process is to read why the judges chose what they chose. I wish all judges would critique 2nd & 3rd place like this. Thanks Paul - great insights. It is so interesting to see what you like, and why. Does 2nd & 3rd folk win a prize too? It's not clear.

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I have to say this is one of my favorite series to come out in a long time. First off, there are those that love all things small. Small is the wave of the future. Great characters, in a small format is tops. People don't always have a lot of room to display the latest 8" figure, but there is always room for the 1" toys! Before I order, is there any way to know if a case is a guaranteed complete set like Treeson, or is the case random like Dunny? When I bought a case of Dunny, I had way too many that were all the same. It was a bit of a bummer. However I was overjoyed to buy a Treeson case, because I knew the GID Treeson was there. Now I tend to only buy a case when I know I'm getting a complete set. Please let us know how Jeremyville cases are packed. Thanks kids!

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Does head or tail open for storage? Looks like there's lots o' room in that!

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so yummy so dreamy...

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Thanks for posting the rejects, they are GREAT! (just not 7 inch Munnys). Great contest this year folks!

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I love the dog! Great style!