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Dorner is determined to tell his story. He has done exactly that in a way nobody can ignore. I suspect he will drive home the point in a most dramatic way. It's suicide by cop, with a twist.
You can bet there are screenwriters already putting together the script and wondering what twist and turns this might take before it's over.

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Stupid reporters will write anything they think sounds scary.

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The Koran is not justification for 9-11, either, but if you read one you understand the other.

What about O.J.?

Dorner 'burned all his bridges' with the murder of the innocent. It is his way of putting guilt on the ones he says did him wrong. Now, he's hunting the hunters like a lion with a vendetta. Lots of cops aren't cut out for this kind of duty. They're already shooting at similar vehicles and only their poor marksmanship has saved the lives of more innocents.

Of course it's nuts, but it's better than anything Hollyweird has done in the last 50 years. It could have a long way to go, too. He planned for more than a week and wrote down exactly what his goals are. It's a very tough situation but the fact there's so much discussion proves we tend to judge by stereotype instead of on a purely objective basis.
Some see race, some see abuse by cops without penalty, some see David versus Goliath.

If a bad cop drove a (sensitive) good cop over the edge by ruining him with lies....he'll be a legend. Much more so if he begins to fulfill what he sees as suicide by cop, with a twist.

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Since the school district spends money like water anyway, why not buy all students their own rope.

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Doing the job Americans just won't do.

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The gold should be easy enough to trace using the deceased dental records. Then desecration of a corpse charges can be filed and hopefully he'll be put away for a very long time.

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I'm SS age and have NEVER seen an actor or actress that could even part way convince me they were somebody else. Stilted, forced, phony, and pathetic. I'll be happy to see real people on the screen.

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I've not been in a theater since I think 1970 (New Centurions), but I'll go see this one.

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Calypso Louie must be doing the counting.

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We will have to fight these people sooner or later. Be prepared.