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What a pitiful, thin-skinned, excuse for a human being! Oblamer is at it again. But don't ever dare call him out on anything; then you're not being 'cordial'! (Comment to Gov. Brewer.) Since when has this POS been cordial with all his name-calling and blame-game. Come on November!

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Harry is right on! Barry & Moochelle are both only in it for themselves and what they can 'get' from us, i.e., luxury vacations, power, luxurious lifestyle, book deals, etc. He MUST be voted out and I believe he will be. Even Harry is seeing the light. It just takes some of us longer than others!

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Women are backing away from him and he's trying to win back their vote. Not working, Barry!

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It was lying, arrogant gibberish, at that!

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Obama is dangerous; Biden is just a bit 'confused'. I'd rather be left with Biden than continue with Man-Child Barry.

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Illegals have no right to protest for yet more handouts! It's We the People that need to DEMAND this POS does his job, follows the Constitution, gets his hand out of our wallets and stops spending our money! He begged for the job, he got it and all he does is act like a street punk and take advantage of the perks. It's time he figured out how this country will survive on less money by cutting ALL pork/ unnecessary spending and stop supporting illegals and anchor babies! If he'd ever run anything (besides his mouth) he'd know how to accomplish this.

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Obama promised there were no American troops on the ground and there would be no American boots on the ground in Libya. He lied again!! How much more of this arrogant, lying narcissist do we have to take before he's impeached? He is not above the Congress or the Constitution!

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I thought Obama had a very high rating in Latin America? Were we lied to? It doesn't sound like it! The start of this fraud's spring break family vacation isn't going so well. His huge ego must hurt!

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Maybe they could start with cutting all the frivolous pork spending and the billions we spend on supporting illegals in this country. We need to take care of our people first.

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Moochelle needs to worry about her own big backside and her children. She and the govt. need to stay out of my business and my children's business. They have enough to take care of without interfering in our lives. This govt. is out of control and needs to stop spending my money and stop telling me what to do and what not to do!