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oBOWma is not black, assh0le. the half-breed is MULATTO. get over your fascination.

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"You speak of yourselves like you are a higher species than muslims."

And your point is what? Name something that is not more credible and worthwhile than the religion of peace.

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Sorry, can't do it. Only the good die young. This unwashed dirty taxi driver president of iran can take a camel c0ck up the allahole.

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If you're indeed a US service veteran, I symbolically salute you for your service. I agree with your sentiment that much of the citizenry of this dying formerly great country is not worth fighting for. To wake these liberal oVomit-voting-C0cksuckers up will probably require that some rag head assh0les light something off again. Then oVomit and company will wake up for a year or two... but then they pissing, whining, and moaning will start again by such groups as the code pink bltches and all the beaner-loving assh0les that won't do shlt to close the borders.

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Hey iran: suck my big long one.

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Obviously, oVomit has never really been aware of, or in touch with, or had genuine concerns for this country. The phony has a tissue-thin resume of public service. His only expertise is in self-service. In a way, it's good that the clown was elected because it will galvanize the right back to victory. Of course, we'll have to spend years undoing all this socialism BULLSHlT.

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"...the first black US president..."
The "president" is not black, but MULATTO. Get over the fascination, already.