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ooops! Sorry my comment was too long and I copied and pasted and then got it all screwed up. Hope you can understand it!

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It's the universe telling us to slow down and listen to ourselves. I swear it is. :) I wish you much rest and healing and let that wonderful man of yours nuture you.
There is nothing nicer than good nurturing and when you are a single mom and someone's everything, there's not much room or time for yourself.

You are so inspirational to us all. But it would make me happier than anything to see you getting fully healed. The blog posts can wait. And so can we. :)

Thanks for replying on the forum last night. Being sick brings out vulnerability and I don't like feeling that way. But we are human. Even when we think we are superwoman. I can attest to that. You have the rest of your life to dream about what's coming. Just go inside and have quiet this week. And take time for yourself. Is B able to go to his Dad? I hope so.

Take care and we'll wait for you! :)

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I am so glad that you are resting at last. It's always easy for me to tell everyone else to take care of themselves, but for some reason, like you, I am the last one to take my own advice and usually do keep going, like the energiser bunny, except when .... the batteries run out! Mine did last week. I rarely get ill but I got that nasty flu and was on my knees. (Literally...). I had to ask for help, which I hate, but there was nothing to do but lie in bed with a horrible fever and just get better. I feel so much for you, because you remind me of myself - always doing taking care of, onto the next project. Tricia :)

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Oh Alaina, this is so beautifully written. I'm sorry your Dad couldn't be here to share the wonderful things you've achieved. But he's proud of you. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer last year and his life has also been changed irreversably. I haven't seen him in three years due to distance and the cancer, but am trying to get to Ireland where they'll be heading this summer. He too is a wise man and has taught me so much about life. Thank you for sharing this. :)

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When something feels right and it is right you know it. I'm glad that you know it. :) I liked what you said about fear being what your gut was telling you all along. I think I got so used to living with the fear of change, that I failed to listen to my gut, my soul. Thank you for inspiring me. It's nice to know that down the line, there is a chance that I will trust again. Not yet, by a long shot. But, like you, I hope my time will come. :)

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Beautiful pictures. So glad the universe seems to be on your side. I think your Bear is amazing from what you've described. I wish you both plenty of happiness. :)

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Aren't they amazing? It always means mama is doing something right. (that's what I tell myself). My kids are both incredibly perceptive and sensitive and I know it's because we talk about things like that all the time and use examples from their day. I love your blog and have finally been able to get onto it - I tried several times and got an error message. Your son is beautiful and looks alot like you. You are doing an awesome job on your own there mama. And I know how hard it is, believe me - I am a single mom too. We've spoken on twitter on and off. I'll add you to my reader, now that I know your blog does exist!

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I have to say, for me, it was one of the best days of my life. I totally was in love with my husband and truly believed it was forever. I had also moved countries to be with him, given up my wonderful job, friends and an extremely wonderful social life. When I look back now, I think my trust was too open and big. I think I should have thought it out more. But, our wedding itself was glorious and I choose to remember it that way. We got married in the house I grew up in in South Africa and it was beautiful. Those memories will never change for me, despite the pain that has followed thirteen years after the event. Ironically, we met at none other than, a wedding! :)

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Sounds like you had a great couple of first days! And I am waiting with baited breath for my new necklace - a symbol of a new start for me this year.... : ) Thanks for making it possible to have it symbolised materially. I will make sure to tell everyone where I got it if they are asking. (which I'm sure they will...). Too funny that B is peeing in front of the church - if anyone DOESN"T mind, it would be God. People are way too uptight if they have a problem with that at all. My son (six) still prefers the yard to the toilet, it means he doesn't have to interuppt whatever it is that holds his fancy at that very moment.

Hope all your dreams continue to be realised....:)

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Awesome and good for you! Your courage will be rewarded. I feel that I am on the verge of something similar now that the fog of grief has lifted somewhat. I hope that I can once again become the courageous woman I used to be, some twelve years ago. I hope that I can take leaps of faith like the one you have. I know it's in me. And in the meanwhile, I wish you only the best, in this, your new journey. : )