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The author says OverDrive is available on iOS, but since this is an Apple-centric site, forgets Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry, as well as Windows and Mac OS X.

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Another example of AT&T crippling an Android phone with the "no sideloading" of non-Android Market "feature." They've made so many negative moves I'm out once the Galaxy S hits T-Mo or Verizon.

No, I don't want the "Captivate" as AT&T has crippled it the same way, and reportedly, it's the only S model w/out a front facing camera

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Oh, come on. The shipper for Apple's stuff always holds it until the day of launch. Why has no one learned this yet.

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As someone working daily with Android pre-production devices, I can tell you there is some exciting stuff coming out in terms of hardware. They will be out in the next 2-3 months.

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Like the author, I have used the iPhone for 2 years (nearly). Once the iPhone 3G, then the 3GS. I also use the iPhone at work as well as Android devices. It was because I used Android daily that I switched to the Nexus One. This, plus as the author said, the draconian measures Apple has been taking of late.

I really saw NOTHING in iOS4 and the iPhone 4 that made me drool.

The number of form factors that Android has is an advantage, as its its openness. I truly believe that eventually Android will surpass the Android.

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While doubleTwist is moving in the right direction, what Android needs is an iTunes-like app that will have the "market" and "buying experience" of iTunes. It should integrate not just with the Android Market but with Amazon MP3 as well.