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Sorry, I will not sign your petition. Signing online petitions, voting, and calling your congress criminal waste time and accompllish nothing. Instead of signing your petition I have decided to donate $5.00 a month to This is such a small amount of money anyone should be able to afford it, plus it has the merit of accomplishing something even if that something is a very small difference.

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Problem is US government cannot fix it, and all the attempts the US government makes to fix it only make the situation in Iraq worse. The best the United States government could do for Iraq right now is to get the hell out, and let the Iraqis solve thier own problems

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If the United States government was serious about its concerns for civilians in Libya, they would annouce thier immediate support for a ceasefire, and a negotiated end to the war. This war is not about innocent Libyans being killed , however, it is about oil and bases. I still hope sanity will trump oil and bases, but I am becoming less and less hopeful.

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Earth to Senator Graham: Iraq has already gone to hell, and it is you who deserve a large measure of the blame, It is you who was and still is one of the biggest cheerleaders of this war. You have taken ownership of this war. You own the deaths of all the innocent Iraqis who have died as a direct result of this war. Think of all the children who will never see thier parents again because of your war. Think of all the parents that will never see thier children again because of your war. Think of the wounded, the maimed, and the people whose lives were destroyed by depleted uranium. Think of all of this, and think about your own role in bringing about this catastrophe. Think about it and think about how you can live with your conscience (if you have one) for being such active supporter for such an unneeded and unjust war.

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Voting is a suckers game and merely adds legitmacy to the current criminal regime in DC. Your vote does not count. If the other guy wins the chances are he will be worse than the guy he replaced. For example, I thought no one could be worse than Bush, then Obama sleazed his way into office. Boy, I sure was stupid!

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Perhaps, the leaders of Turkey are blowhards, but I have never known anyone to be killed by the hot air of politicians. At least members of the Turkish government are restricting themselves to words and not deeds, like bombing and killing innocent men, women, and children.

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There might be CIA operatives on the ground in Libya, but there still is no large scale presence of US troops. This fact gives me hope that it is still not to late to pull back from the abyss that is Libya. Perhaps, the Republicans out of partisan spite will vote to defund the war in Libya.
I am beginning to hope that other governments around the world begin to realize that the US government is bankrupt, and will refuse to buy US treasuries. That will put an end to the US government instigated conflagration you are predicting in the Middle East. There is also life after bankruptcy. Japan and Germany recovered from far worse catastrophes that now face the United States. With the collapse of the US empire and financial collapse of the US government we might even witness a new birth of freedom in the United States

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The last part of your interview was the saddest part. You are correct. The president will get away with starting a war of naked aggression against another country without any meaningful consequences. Congress has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to declare war, and thus must share responsibiltiy with Obama for the war in Libya.

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Little pukes like Abrams having been pimping wars that have killed thousands and thousands of innocent men, women, and children. If he were to be assassinated it would be funny as in ironic that a war pimp like Abrams would fall victim to the very violent solutions he has so long advocated.

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I think you might have something worthwhile to say, but your post is unreadable. I gave you a thumbs down, not for the content, but for way you presented your thoughts. I do not expect perfect grammar, punctuation, or spelling, (I know I am not perfect in any of these areas), but at least try and make your post readable.