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Looks like I have to do a little more shopping these days. I just broke my coffee pot: it slipped right through my fingers! Wow! Silly.

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John, aren\'t you being a little melodramatic over a fictional planet? If you exploit fear, that is what you will reap. Be careful what you wish for.

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Well I won a ticket, but decided not to go. Looks like we have a major typhoon in the area at the moment which will last till Sunday probably.

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Thanks for commenting. i'm largely out of the PPP/SS system now. I'm glad that I did it but found there was little or no work worth doing on PPP/SS. So I quit. You can still see the blogs listed there, but I am no longer active in their system.


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Thanks, Tobie, for finding my post! Your comment ended up in the spambox, I have no idea why... anyway I found it. Actually some of those flashier betel nut stores are quite amazing to look ... could some be 'works of art' in their own right?

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We've definitely found a correlation between price and quality. The copy produced by the recycled ink cartridges just isn't as dark as the regular toner cartridges for our HP printer. I guess it's no surprise.

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Glad you came over. Remember to visit again. Best Wishes, Kenneth

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Sorry. My Korean isn't that good. The story just was totally hushed up: my personal guess - these Japanese were real and they were working for some Japanese authorities looking to sell bonds. That the agents were set free shows this was neither fraudulent, nor criminal. Which only leaves one other possibility. Yet it was all hushed up.

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Not seeing that, Marshall. The site takes me straight to http://www.ipower.com/. So let me know.

Best Wishes

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Yep. Just upgraded quite a few blogs to 2.8.1 without issues. Things are improved.