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It is so unfortunate for Israel and for the USA the type of element in charge of America. Over the years we have had incompetents but now we have traitors. These anti-Semites such as Hagel, and Obama and the rest of his minions are totally encourage by the Jewish Communist left in America and in Israel who seem to care less with the Iranian genocidal agenda than they do with Israel's survival.

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The Islamic imperialist war against the West continues in spite of our leaders lies. It is only a matter of time to the next attack with WMD. Until our strategy changes to a punitive and offensive war on Islam, the Muslims will continue to win on all fronts.

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Clinton, Jeb Bush, Ron Paul, God have mercy on our poor nation. I won't vote for any Republican who won't lead from the base. If we can't nominate a Constitutionalist conservative, one who is ready to deal with our Islamic problem, then I will not support another Romney, or McCain. No more RINO's.

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Jack, you are absolutely right in calling Obama out as the most dangerous man in the world for Americans. Not only should we fear his grsp for totalitarian power in his last years in office, but his intended "fundamental transformation" of America entails its military and economic debasement of a country he truly hates. He hates us so much that he has managed to make America an ally of Islam and Al-Qaeda in his first years in office. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria. Benghazi was no miscalculation. His Ambassador was there to arm the Jihadist for further action in the Middle East with Gaddafi's weapons. My astonishment is that he manages to have the CIA, FBI, DOD, and all of our national security establishment blind to all that he has accomplished right under their noses, without a peep. We are truly in hot water, my friend.

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I am glad to see some Americans defending our rights and freedoms. The silent majority are truly silent on our government's excesses. We are living under a left wing tyranny and the longer they are unopposed, the easier it gets for them to extend their fascist tentacles,and the harder it will be for the little guy to be free. We already know what is in the hearts and minds of these left wing extremist; RESENTMENT against society and the people who won't conform to collectivism. GO TEA PARTY PATRIOTS !

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Once people get elected (Or not) they become coached by our foreign policy so called experts in the State Department. Then the CIA does its thing and voila, we get our Potsdam and Yaltas'. Our government pushed out Batista, Somoza, and the Shah of Iran. We sided armed and supported the Communist Tito in Yugoslavia during WWII, instead of the Democratic resistance. How about Morsi instead Mubarak? There is a History of doing the WRONG thing against American interest, and this is the only constant that I can see coming out of our government.

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Black Muslims are the epitome of resentment. For your information and knowledge, and so you don't seem so stupid in the future, slavery has been with humanity from the very beginning. Abd is the Arabic name for slave. Slavery is in the immutable Koran. Mohammed himself not only raped and plundered, murdered and was a pedophiliac, but he had slaves, sold slaves to fund his Jihad campaign and made it the center of his attention. Ever since Mohammed invented his satanic cult, Muslim sold over 125 million black Africans to the world. Muslim were responsible for the sale of black people in East Africa, in West Africa, and in the Mediterranean. Muslim behavior is so horrendous that they are still selling black Africans in the Sudan, Mali, Chad, and anywhere else they can find a customer, but to people like you and Farrakhan, cowards all, it is easier to look the other way or your edifice of lies might come tumbling down. I have a lot more to say on your chosen topic but this is enough info for your head to grasp at this time.

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Solid Canadian? You mean one who doesn't abide by the PC persecution of people with different opinions than what the controlling factions now dictate? No, thank you.

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I think Rand Paul is making a mistake when he suggest pandering to minorities for votes. It is delusional. People vote for values, ideology, economic interest and what not, but when you pander to any group you lose others. The only way forward is to go back to conservative values and be true to its principals.

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The people who elected Obama have no clue about foreign policy, the Middle East, American interest, nor anything else, for that matter. But the grown-ups in the Democrat Party do, and it is all anti-American.