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"Roy Lake, founder of the London UFO Studies group, said, “ I think the government knows damn well what’s going on up there, and they’re covering it up.”
Not only the goverment cover up the existence of UFO but unfortunatly all UFO organizations including London UFO Studies group, MUFON etc, are covering up the real facts about UFOs that they live in our Earth's atmosphere.
When I showed AFOs (Aliens Flying Object) in the night sky to 5 PA MUFON UFO field investigators, chief investigator Butch Witkowski, John Ventre (director of PA MUFON), well-known Ufologists, R. Dolan, P.Robbins, S. Friedman etc - at UFO conference (Montgomery county community College on 10/09/2009), - they were shocked to see them with naked eyes but since then none of them went public with my discovery. Why ? If they officially recognize my discovery then all UFO organizations will cease to exist, because everybody can see AFOs motherships anytime everywhere in the world.

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As I realized recently (31/08/2009), there is another reason why AFOs(Alien Flying Object) are trying to be invisible.

Sky is strewn by them around the world. There are so many AFOs spaceships in heaven, that if they deactivated their invisibility, the sky above the earth will become a chess board, where the black squares will represent aliens spacecrafts. Earth would be twice darker during the day.
Recently I wrote article "Solution to the problem of Correlation of Matter and Field" where I solved fundamental problem in Physics about Matter and Field and where I discovered the physical laws of field that Aliens use in their spaceships.

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Aliens live in our Earth's atmosphere
Every Saturday, when the weather is good, I GO TO Manhattan (Columbus Circle & Time Warner Center) to show people AFOs (Aliens Flying Object) in the night sky after sunset. Hundreds of people saw AFOs the way I described them in my article. Be one of them.

For the first time in human history, I present here incontrovertible evidence of existence of hundred of thousands of UFO in the Earth's atmosphere, which can be seen by any person in any part of the world at any time. ..

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The Birth and the Ruin of the Planets of the Solar System
There are various theories that attempt to explain the origin of the solar system planets. However, none of them is strictly logical system, explains the origin of planets, the spherical and block moon, asteroids, meteorites, comets, retrograde lunar orbit etc. Since astronomers started to discover extraterrestrial planets around the stars all existing theories failed...

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The Birth and the Ruin of the Planets of the Solar System
"The main drawback of their theories, including modern, is that the process of the emergence of planets, the spherical and block moon, asteroids, meteorites, comets - simplified to unbelievable. For example, all these elements have emerged at the same time as the sun. The reason for this is the results of mesurements do not always represent the true conclusion. For example, the age of all the planets, asteroids, the moon, comets and the sun according to the measurement data represents approximately 4.6 billion years. Hence, astronomers concluded that they all emerged at the same time, that is how modern theories came into existence. But it is tantamount can be assumed, based on the same data that the ..

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To accept new ideas one has to have open mind. This is one of the main conditions when people try to solve puzzles like "Aliens live in our Eath's atmosphere".

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The existence of AFOs (Aliens Flying Object) is not the secret anymore for people who have common sense. But there is another secret: why the governments of developed countries tried to cover up their existence ? Revelation of this secret is given in my article "Aliens live in our Earth's atmosphere".
recognising the existence of AFOs in our Earth's atmosphere lead us to the following conclusions:
1. ETs use Free Energy in their spacecrafts. With time the Free Energy will be the main source for humanity, that will replace all other primitive source of energy: oil, coal, atomic, electric power stations that pollute and destroy our natural environment on the planet.
2. Free Energy will dramatically reduce our dependency on working people and increase the productivity in our society by ten-fold. In reality all those problems created by introduction of Free Energy: millions of unemployed people who will lose their jobs in sectors producing oil, coal, electricity etc.

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To Erik Van Datiken,
what you called "A mother ship resembling a giant football" is a ahuttle, mother ship represents (not always) disk from 1 to 4 miles in diameter and those disks can be connected together by bridges. I saw mother ships with 8 connected disks. Their size equal around to the size of the Manhattan island. 99 % of the time people see UFO shuttles, because mother ships very rare descend close to Earth not to scare people.
See my article "Aliens live in our Earth's atmospher"