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Even better (Read with GLaDOS voice)
"Thank you for breaking into Valve HQ. By doing so you have volunteered to test the equipment for our new game, Portal 2. Please proceed to our recruitment department, where you will undergo a physical assessment before being outfitted with a portal gun and longfall boots, after which you may begin the testing. After the testing there will be cake, and you will be given a chance to appear in our future our game(s) for as long as you survive."

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I don't know what you mean by "grow". Team Rocket's been after Ash's pikachu since the first few episodes; it can't have been more than LvL10 at that point and they still thought it was the most powerful pokémon ever. The only evidence of actual growth has been evolution.

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Catpool's Sweet Home

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Very adorabloodthirsty.

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There was obviously no play-testing involved in this.

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This reminds me of Hetalia's version of Heaven and Hell:
It's Heaven on Earth when the cook is French, the officer is British, the engineer is German, the banker is Swiss, and the lover is Italian.
It's Hell on Earth when the cook is British, the officer is German, the engineer is French, the lover is Swiss, and the banker is Italian.

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I LOVE your icon. May I ask where you got it?

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What is this how does he even
Did he get actual implants just for one episode?

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Really? And how many times did you have to watch the video to figure that one out? 'cause the gibberish he's spouting doesn't sound like any language I've ever heard.