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I think the Venn diagram of Browncoats and the gender-variant would be a single circle.

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"...anything but feminine, only because for so long, people have said it to try to repress my female masculinity."

Reverse the values, and this is totally where I am. Thank you, Liz.

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Thanks for posting, Brendle.

(I used to teach Ulysses! ^_^ But that was before I re-re-repugnosed in re-re-repugnant.
Check out my essay on Joyce & Beckett: )

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You are my new favorite string of ones and noughts.

"…if people are confused, it makes them think."

If only that were compulsory. Still, it is brilliant.

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Thanks for posting the home-use link, Steph.

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"Some people feel trapped by having to choose just one."


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Thanks for your comments. Gender presentation is about a lot more than dress. In this image, I believe it is more about posture and gesture than articles of clothing. And it is more about the perception of femininity (based on our modern standards) than the historical reality.

GW is not just any historical figure. The fact that the "father of our country" was completely comfortable posing in that limp-wristed, hand-on-hip gesture doesn't mean he was lacking in masculinity. The gesture makes him appear effeminate to us because we have been conditioned to understand the limp-wrist gesture as a code for effeminate behavior. That, to me, is what makes this image a genderfork.

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Kim was recently in the news. On June 11, when the KRXQ Sacramento deejays apologized for their transphobic comments, they had Kim Pearson and Autumn Sandeen on the air for a few hours:

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Mish - Let me add my apologies as well. I am the site editor--and a fan of contemporary burlesque. I should have read the piece with greater sensitivity and edited with a heavier hand.

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I use gender-neutral pronouns when talking to/about others, but, like D., I dress to confuse rather than to pass. I don't expect non-queers to know what to call me. Even better is when they call me "sir" and "ma'am" over the course of a conversation, or "correct" themselves from one to the other.