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So you buy an app and expect updates forever? Get a grip. Don't like it, don't buy it. Apple need to allow dev's to charge for upgrades. That model works everywhere else for software far more expensive than iPhone app's.

Can't believe you wasted that much energy on a post when it's only $3.

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Thanks Paula. I've had that recommended a few times but didn't know where to pick it up.

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There\'s no chance of me passing you - pretty much static now. Will take me a few months to work off the Christmas excess!

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I can't imagine you with any weight. I still remember our ill fated attempts at the gym!

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Post updated - got the start date from the Sky news article which must be wrong also. Would be nice if the e-petition site showed you some more information like create dates.

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I see he's dropped to 77% - where's my Irn-Bru.

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Trust me, I think I was sacrificed. The other two hardly got any bites...and I got loads. I'll be better prepared next time.

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That's how I watch TV as well - nothing live, all recorded. I've switched off the mini tv and make sure I'm on a different channel before entering the guide. It's a stupid feature - why not switch off the sound as well? I would class that as a bug.

Another issue I've got is the box switches on at random times during the day more frequently than it used to. What is it checking? Or is it downloading EPG schedules?

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That Western Digital has been picking up a lot of great reviews. Good purchase! I've been thinking of getting something myself. Maybe a Mac Mini but it just costs so much, and most of my TV is now via Sky rather than newsgroups.

I noticed the court case for Newzbin - there's a couple of other alternative sites now so if they do go down we should still be ok. Nothing like a bit of loyalty.

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Nice timing - just thinking tonight that there's been no news on the Blu-Rays. Looking forward to these.