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Since when has rape had anything to do with sex. it's about power, humiliation and the act of degrading someone. The strong over the weak. Will not have any influence on my belief that rape is rape, no matter how many times and ways this fool of a cleric, this so-called holy man recites scriptures from a thousand year old+ book of lies. This just underpins what sharia law thinks about women and what islam thinks about western cultures and laws.

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Apparently the court case been postponed till November.

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These 'games' will complete the bankruptcy of Britain. Complete waste of time and ****y. Will be spending the next few years chasing illegals who were given a visa amnesty to participate in the supporting of their third world cess-pit athletes.

Why has the word '****y' (sounds like 'honey') been censored.

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Blair will be doing a public signing of this book at the Waterstones store in Piccadilly, London, on 8 September, if you can pass muster on his obscene security requirements. Customers cannot be photographed with Blair, there will be no personal dedications, and all bags, backpacks and briefcases must be checked in, along with cameras and mobile phones. The security will of course be paid for by the tax-payer at the conservative cost of £100,0000 for the day jovialities.

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Once the oil gone and they will no longer have this bargaining chip to bring to the table, how much influence do you think these states and countries like Saudi Arabia that fund and support committees, panels, activities, organisations and 5th columnist will have? At the moment they have a huge amount of leverage and far too many dhimmified followers tying to appease and cash in on the money thrown around. So in a way it's a race. Either the oil runs out or the muslim agenda comes to conclusion, one way or another.

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No caption but a vid of the whining fool that me me laugh.
"Someone protect me! Someone protect me!"

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So according to some of the muslim kind a bit of same sex action is a sin and in some backward and intolerant societies is deemed illegal (what a surprise that these countries usually have islam as the main faith) but a bit of paedophilia is OK as your main man Big Mo can testify by his marriage to the child bride Ashia at age 6 and the sexual consummation at aged 9.

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Who really gives a toss what the lying Scum newspaper has to say. Never brought a copy or intentional looked through one since the infamous headline four days after the Hillsborough tragedy which stated 'some fans picked pockets of victims; some fans urinated on the brave cops; some fans beat up PC giving kiss of life' Words cannot in any way describe the anger I and many of my relatives from the Liverpool area felt at the time and to a very large extent still feel today over the outrageous and totally fabricated accusations made against the fans. A true exercise from the daily Scum in misdirection, deflecting the story away from the lies told by the incompetent David Duckenfield, the Chief Superintendent who was in charge on the day, Graham Mackrell, Secretary Sheffield Wednesday and Graham Kelly of the F.A.

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I thought it rather amusing that Ms Abbott used this statement to justify the reason in sending her child to a fee paying school.

"I knew what could happen to my son if he was sent to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd. I realised they were subjected to peer pressure and when that happens it's very hard for a mother to save her son".

In other words, to stop black kids turning into gang-bangers and living a life of crime with the high risk of premature death, they need to be raised and educated amongst whites using white standards and morals, not by their fellow blacks and black standards and morals.