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If this is in fact true, I would venture to guess it's because he is collusion with agents of western intelligence in sowing seeds of insurrection with Iran. Ahmadinejad clearly won, as anyone without an "axe to grind" could have easily predicted.

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Drinking the "reformist" Kool Ade it seems. The so-called polls (all from the "west") cannot be trusted. Ahmadinejad has broad support of the poor, and broad support nationally in standing up to the would-be occupiers - USA.

So far this is following the post-election NED/CIA the script used in the Ukraine "orange revolution". But it won't work here. Ahmadinejad won - just as MOST of us thought he WOULD.

Please don't allow yourselves to be PLAYED. Don't allow yourselves to be "useful idiots" of the western propaganda machine!

Anyone who has been following Iran for the past decade could have EASILY predicted an Ahmadinejad land slide.

These events are CLEARLY the work of western agencies in collusion with Mousavi and his cadre of stooges seeking to discredit Ahmadinejad. One can only guess for what pro-Israel/pro-US objectives this smear campaign will be put to use.

What US actions will be "justified" now?

Today, sadly, you are being taken for a ride - not just by the usual dopes of the MSM, but by so-called progressive sources as well - who should, by now!, know better.

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Funny how everything always come down to Israel.
Funny how none of this ever gets mentioned in the mainstream press.
Funny how the sheep buy the propaganda without fail.
They are driving us to the brink of extinction.

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The New York Times: All The News That's SHIT To Print

Have a look at the cross-ownership of nearly 100% of the media,