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I've had TouchOSC on my iPod Touch for several months. It's a cool app and a bargain too. There's an editor available that allows you to configure your own layouts. And there will be an iPad version.

Having said that, the small screen size of the iPod makes it a bit awkward to use with this application. The iPad will be a major improvement. At the moment I use my Edirol PCR-800 controller keyboard when I need knobs and sliders. But that doesn't have an X-Y pad and I use TouchOSC when I need one or two of those. I use Ableton Live most of the time and TouchOSC works quite well with it.

Howard Harawitz
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I also just upgraded MAX/MSP to version 5 and added Jitter so I could control visual images with sound. But in order to do that I'll actually have to THINK. Oh, well...

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Interesting. I've had one of those gloves for years (picked it up in a pawn shop) but haven't been able to figure out how to use it. I also have a P5 glove (with a USB connection) sitting around. All of which proves that laziness rules around here.

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That looks very interesting. It may be one of the few VST's I'll be picking up in the next few months.

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Here's another approach to a step sequencer in Ableton Live. It's from Electronic Musician in an article by Len Sasso:

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Live is an incredibly versatile program!

BTW, anybody know what Mac software was used for screen capture in that video?

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Very cool idea! He is playing music software on the iPods and mixing their sound with that of the guitar. A simple and creative presentation!

I'll be getting an iPod band together for a free improvisation session in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 4 and just might create a variant of that idea. So far there are 4 of us. If you are in Halifax and interested in participating contact me via Twitter at @cybermusic .