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For those that are skeptical that our kids ARE being actively indoctrinated, you should take a look at this little item, which some of us gleaned from researching the wacko teachers in Wisconsin.

Keep in mind that this is an OFFICIAL Wisconsin Government Web Site and Entity.
Look at the contents and download their PDFs to read. It will scare the carp out of you.

K-12 Service Learning Standards for Quality Practice. http://dpi.wi.gov/sl/index.html

This is Indoctrination, I was taught in the military how to spot it and how to counter it, when it's pushed on you. Children have not had that training, and I am not sure our military still does it either, outside of SF and SEALs.

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When the Canadians let Quebec force multiculturalism on the rest of the country, is when it started going down hill. You cannot have a cohesive country with multiple mandated languages, It simply will not work. Aside from the expenses involved in double printing everything from food labels to road signs, it tends to isolate communities into enclaves of different cultures, with different politics and ideals that are far outside of the mainstream. Which is why Europe has always been a hotbed of revolution, they cannot form a cohesive community with 100s of different cultures and languages, hence the EU is destined to fail because none of the member nations want to give up their stubborn weakness', heck they can't even decide on what language to speak when hey have official meetings.

The same thing is happening here in the US, and it must stop, and soon.
In the Classical sense, when people from other countries immigrate to yours, bring their cultures and laws and languages, then insist they be incorporated over the existing system, it's not immigration, it's an invasion and an occupation.

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I have a better and more universal suggestion, ban unions altogether.
They fly in the face of our Constitution and our American way of life, they are one of the reasons people came to this country, which was to avoid trade guilds (Labor Unions) and such.
The system they left was rife with corruption just as this one is.

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Another Lib exhibiting his intellectual superiority. Another journalistic norm, is that if someone doesn't answer your question the first time you ask it, or even acknowledge your question, they aren't going to answer it, ask a different one.

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This probably came out after this excellent article was written, but AOL lost over $315million in stock value yesterday ... this deal is a non-starter and I would wager HuffPo, is gonna be PuffPo, as in gone like a puff of smoke.

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Are Conservatives afraid of being called racists? .. some are some aren't, I am not because I know 100% I am not one.

But this whole Pigford deal is kind of a moot point, Congress passed the bill, checks have been sent out and are being sent out as we speak. What are we going to do, make them give the money back? good luck on that one, the first lawsuit will win in their favor and that will be the end of that.

As far as going after anyone in the government? forget it! Holder will never bring criminal charges and the courts will just say no one has standing that tries to bring a suit, or submit fraud charges.

Can we go after them in 2013? possibly but it will in all likelihood meet with the same legal obstacles, as well as the added bonus of executive privilege, and by the fact that the people involved will no longer be in office. example Remember the results of the Left going after Karl Rove.
Besides going after someone that is no longer in office will just bring a crap storm down on whoever does it from the MSM (racial innuendo, they hate poor people, etc.) the usual epithets and character assassinations employed by the Left.

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Maddow needs to up it's hormones, it's Adams apple is starting to show again.
Yup she's a certified rocket scientist ... or space cadet whichever your preference.

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A Flat tax is the "ONLY" individual tax authorized in The Constitution. Aside from "Import Duties".
It is not only fair but balances out the inequities in income.
Do away with "ALL" so called tax breaks and exclusions, etc. You pay 7% irregardless of how much or how little you make. This includes so called Non Profits, Churches, Unions, PACS and any other business or entity that takes in money.

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Well they can't pass an amendment that repeals / voids any part of the main body of the Constitution, to do so renders the whole null & void, as each article is dependent upon a preceding article for it's authority.

The Constitution is the original "Contract with America" it is a contract between the states and the federal government, and as such it performs like any other contract. The Bill of Rights delineates what the Federal Government cannot do to the states and the citizens of said states.

Remember by law we are citizens of the state we live in, we are residents of the United States, unless you are one of the unfortunate people that live within the 10sq/miles of DC or on a military or Indian reservation, in which case you are a US Citizen, and subject to any vagaries that Congress sees fit to bestow upon you, without recourse, save from judgment by the Supreme Court.

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We never had the Fed Government behave this badly before, and I reiterate using the 3/4 rule eliminates interference from the Fed Government at all levels. As long as the Amendment being put forth is withing the bounds of the main body of the Constitution. We have had enough states to call one several times before, but it never happened because the Feds backed down.