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One of the most morally upright kids I have known in my life. I would vouch for Maddie to anyone. Keep up the hard work girl.

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Awesome guys! Great Career!

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Coaching involves now a collected decision process made players, coaches, administrators, and finally parents. No longer do coaches have the sole authority to steer their programs in the direction they see fit. If it goes against all or some of theother stakeholders, then Oh!Oh! Coach goes on notice. Coaches are going to have to start hiring political advisors before making any decision in the future or their job could be in jeopardy, especially at Boulder High. Maybe start forming committees to make decisions to when and where to hold practices and how much one should play. Parents should stay out of their18 year olds business. These kids are not 8 years old.

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That student may have let down the team. Can the team count on that player when it really matters? Maybe the coach did not think so. That is their decision, not the players or parents. If not, then players do not need the coaches, they can coach themselves. Sometimes the coaches also have to be the parents too, because the student has never been told 'no' by their own parents. Another example of how entitled our society has become. Say no to someone and everyone has a complaint.

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What about board members?

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Exposure for Boulder cannot be measured in tax dollars raised for one day. Big mistake Boulder!

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You are thinking of Battery, Assault is the threat of injury.

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I think a big truck is a threat to a cyclist who thinks at the time he might be run over b/c some guy is laying on his horn can be scary and then therefore a threat, therefore a weapon.

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This same man did this to me three years ago on County rd 5 in Erie, laid on the horn for a minute before I had to get off my bike to let him by. He then proceeded to clap as he drove by. He really was trying to create confrontation since I was by myself as far over to the right as I could be with no one coming from the other direction.

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This sounds like the same guy and same vehicle that did the same thing to me two years ago on County Rd 5 about two miles from where this occurred. After honking for 45 seconds, I simply stopped my bike and let this nut pass by, then he proceeded to clap at my stopping on the road and the two cars behind him just shaking their head in dis belief. I was riding by myself so no two abreast for me, he simply hates bikers.