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Why only in Harayana??

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iSkoot have the robust ability to route your Skype calls over the voice channel that your Skype calls sound matches the quality of your normal phone calls. This is the reason why i like it most.

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प्रिय रविरतलामी जी,
हमारी ब्लॉग में कुछ पल व्यतित करने का बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया !
किसी भी कॉलेज के लिये सीनियर्स बहुत महत्वपूर्ण होते है,कम शब्दों में वे कॉलेज के भविष्य का दर्पण होते है !

PS: This is my first ever comments in hindi and i supposed i do follow this trends. :P

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Thanks for the nice post on photography.
I* really love to optimize the images before publish over web.

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Ha ha,
Just stumbled this post. :P
Anyways digg,stumble and other social media sites are used for faked popularity and sometimes a good stuff buried around.
This doesn't mean they are of no use,I'm indeed fan of them.

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Man it was totally new for me.I'm completely out by 2.30 a.m and this leads me to leave the party.
Actually the girls,guys and every body was scattered over each other and with their lounges.
If i have even 1% of my sense i'll sure take the advantages of the moments . :D
Anyways thanks for the comments,hope you also had the bashing new year.

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@outdoor antenna

Thanks for the helpful comments.

The main features that users need to noticed before buying hostings are:

1.Allowed Cpu limit in the server.

2.Allowed process limits.

3.Charges of version updates of PHP,SQL,ruby etc.(in ideal case their should not be any charges).

4.The response time of "support center". - This is quite important as if you have a website that gives you $1000 bucks in a months then a downtime recovery (due to various activity,database errors,XSS and other possible factors) is need to kept on high priority.

Note: Before buying a hosting Allowed Space and Allowed Bandwidth maters on low priority in comparison with the above mentions factors.

"I'm telling you these things on the basis of various account that i have and research that i had done on various forums like

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1and1 hosting may be ok but their web interface seems to be poor.Few of my friends do have their servers on 1and1 and they also provide cpanel /plesk /whm but the things that matter most is the usability of the web services.
Could you please tell us few positive and negative points of using 1and1 hostings?
thanks in advance.

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@Jeff Bundy

Localization of any thing is quite handsome work but is it ok to clone the whole functionality?

I have no problem if it is something like Kwipy ( lots of other features that even twitter don't have.

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@Dave King

I agree that and have partially same concept but the things is that who constructs their concept first.

Now a days most of the web 2.0 stuff are similar to each other.Right from the design to backend.For example:-

Design: Web 2.0 means a mirror effect to the logos and have blogs.

Back-end:Most of the lower start-ups are collection of different php script.

Conclusion: I don't say "all the stuff are copied" but i want to say "their is some lack of innovative ideas".

Note: Above are my personal think ,feel free to condemned me.