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The few pictures I've seen show "demonstrators" lobbing stones at police, buses and store windows and throwing Molotov cocktails. In other words they're "rioters". There is no functioning country on Earth who wouldn't "crack down" on rioters, especially when the rioters are trying to overthrow the government.

Mousavi lost by a landslide. There has not been one shred of credible evidence that shows otherwise. The Iranian government has accepted the results of the Iranian election.

To so-called Iranian "demonstrations" (agitated by outside interests) are attempting to overthrow the government and the will of the Iranian people. In this country they call that sedition. And believe me -- the hypocritical United States of America deals harshly with its own seditionists.

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Talk about voodoo. Not one hard fact anywhere in this article to support "massive" vote fraud. And the "facts" in this article are contradicted by other "facts" in this article.

Geeze, Justin, I don't know why you're drinking the the Kool-Aid, but maybe someone needs to do an intervention.

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I'm surprised how many people here are guzzling the NeoCon Kool-Aid, when it comes to Mousavi. Especially considering that the NeoCon Timmerman admits financing him.

I expected more from Antiwar.com.

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As far as I can see this "The Iranian election was fraud!" mantra is based only the loser's claims. Why would we trust Mousavi and not trust Ahmadinejad? (Or why would we trust either one?) I'm trying to figure out why the Iranians would vote for a man whose basic campaign promise was that he'd energetically kiss American ass.

All polls (in the Western press) that I read before the election showed Ahmadinejad leading by two to one and then he reportedly won by two to one. So what's the surprise? Also -- before the election, I read, over and over again (in the Western press), that Ahmadinejad had the support of the poor people of Iran and Mousavi had the support of the rich people of Iran. Are there more rich people or poor people in Iran? That question can be answered by simple mathematics.

I'm afraid that I'm going to have to have more to go on than "The loser says he won -- therefore it was a fraud" argument.