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Awesome, if / when I do get my server running ( I had a bad hard drive that pooped on my this weekend, will most likely be getting an entirely new one for cheap ), I will definitely be knockin' on your door for some help with this! Glad it works for you though, hope you enjoy it!

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This will not promote a more pro-marriage, pro-monogamy society. This will turn marriage into a civil rights issue, which means that anything the government does to favor traditional marriage over other arrangements (single motherhood, gay marriage, etc) will be lawyered out of existence.

We've already allowed marriage to be battered by social radicalism; we need to stop engaging in dangerous social experimentation and return to what is tried and proven: a man and a woman legally bound together and living with their children.

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I was thinking of how to get a multi-million dollar refund - the only legit way I can think of is if you were to say, win the lottery - they withhold millions - but if during the same tax year, you were to donate millions to charity, then those original millions withheld from you would be repaid back to you - it would be a good way of getting the tax back if it had already been paid out... but if you're EARNING that kind of money, I would not think you are going to get into a situation where Uncle Sam owes you a 7 figure refund..

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This will sell... until Apple decides to put out a polarizing filter. Then they will be sued out of the market.

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It's funny that the article's information is from Great Call (a cell phone company) and there is no mention of actually using a cell phone to keep you safe when that seems obvious to me. My sister carries a spare, prepaid cell phone from Tracfone with her on vacation (especially road trips) because she has the unfortunate knack of breaking down and having no coverage. While I don't do that myself, I can appreciate the idea behind it and I think its actually a good idea - especially for people who drive or travel a lot over the summer to cut down on roaming maybe and have more coverage. Just funny that this article wouldn't mention something like a prepaid cell phone that might help out in a jam.

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Online real estate is now available that makes the buyer convenient on their part. Images like health club gym, pools, and other clear pictures are present.

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You people sure have been talking about it for a long time ! meanwhile children and elderly are being killed....pray for them ..there still people no mater what..

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I want some of these but you guys don't ship to USA.

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soo good! i love it

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Unnecessary pseudo-intellectualization of a fairly simple and ancient human truth: that we like people who share our affinity. It’s that simple. “Emo whatever” or “xyz graph” and such terms can fascinate you until you’re pink in the cheeks behind that beard, but they’re confusing simplicity behind silly jargon.