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My objection to the death penalty does not stem from the expense of all the appeals, ; Human life is not something that, at the bottom line, should come down to a bottom line.

My objection does not come from the fact that there have been Death Row inmates exonerated; Human lives should never be gambled by anyone but the owner of said life.

no one has the right to kill a human being that is in custody in the hope that maybe, somewhere, another person might not commit a similar crime; to shed a soul no better or worse than yourself in the eyes of God, save for Grace.

When you add that to the other two reasons I feel it has to be admitted that there is no real reason for the Death Penalty but the collective expression of natural animal bloodlust… we NEED some way to sanction our desire to kill SOMEONE for their transgressions against us, real or imagined. Yes, it is rather benign as historical expressions of bloodlust go but, does that mean we cannot decry it?

But, don't worry Hun, I still love you.

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Dear Ann Coulter, you have hurt me deeply. I was under the impression, since my wonderful encounter with you at David Horowitz’s Freedom Foundation Wednesday Morning Club, that you were a moderate who sought to “moderate” the Right by speaking their language and not worrying about the lost cause of the Left. You implied I was correct when our eyes met and something palpable passed between us; I believe it was the book you had just signed. Your book Demonic seemed to bear out this concept.

And now? I am torn, broken and lost, all my illusions shattered by the things I read in the article; Ann, please tell me you don’t really believe in the death penalty!

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Yes, Russian casualties... the Russian PEOPLE who died in droves because their leaders (the ones you hate so much, with just cause) ordered them to stand, or die... and they stood and died or turned and died, but die they did.
Were they not patriotic victims of invasion as much as any Frenchman?

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And just WHAT is wrong with hating "Coca Cola, Country Music, McDonalds, Organized Religion, [and] People Who Don’t Recycle [at all, ever, go away and don't bother me you hippy freak]?

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Regarding the US "winning the war" by liberally supplying the Soviets I think that we should have just fought our own war. The most heinous casulties occurred in the early assaults or, in long seiges. Imagine the joy the Germans would have had trying to OCCUPY Russia if they had managed to knock off Stalin and his Merry Men?
Heck, even the FRENCH gave the Nazis a hard time; imagine millions of pissed, drunk Russians in your charge Herr Occupier!

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Dave, ask Jamie to fill you in on why your statement about the US coming into WWII and winning it is both correct AND naive; short answer - WE supplied and financed the Soviet survival and most of the Soviet victories as well as conducting our own war in the West. Google Murmansk. But, also google Russian casualties and battles... it adds nuance to a common, black and white, view of history.

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I wonder if she has folded into her analysis the simple fact that the American Revolution wasn't, a revolution that is.
It was a colony revolt by the cream of the Enlightenment who had abandoned Eurpean partisanship.

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Need I point out that not every person has the intellectual or willpower capacity inborn in them to BE more than a high school drop-out? And we are not even speaking of the lowest of the low, many of the famous and influential in art and literature never "got it together” while they lived.
WHERE is the $50,000.00 earned? Put one janitor in San Francisco, another in a rural Alabama town! How long has the janitor has worked. 2 year "veteran” or a 15 years with a family to feed? Yes, people do make janitor their "life's work”, they do not all have the blessing of your birth and brains and will.
Society must have ways for a multitude of positive people to find a "comfortable" "career", would you not agree?
People are people, we all hurt. Not all of us are fools, not all of us are geniuses. I do not feel it is up to “society” to FORCE people to avoid being comfortable in a profession merely because some people find it distasteful for themselves.

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Nicely argued

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Methinks you need to move a tad further away from Hollywood! I went to Claremont and it is still the most moderate university around here.. as well as offering a standard far beyond any other CA school ecxept maybe Cal Tech.
Glendora, Covina and Claremont are all just as nice as they ever were and some towns, Chino and Pomona for two, are much BETTER than when I was growing up.
The border between L.A. Co and San Berdoo Co and Riverside Co is the place to be!