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Awww aren't you cute.

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Poor thing. Creative differences….this isn't the first time she's ran into these kinds of problems, as we all know of course. I guess that's just how it goes with that kind of game.

Wish the best of luck to her for any other future endeavors.

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Maybe not.

I saw a pic here recently with a family portrait-esque painting of all the villains from this show. I noticed that around half or more had been redeemed at some point. Maybe to some, the message says that all evil can be eradicated, or at least replaced with good. It's a message that might seem charming and good-natured to many.

But to me, that would be dishonest. This is a world/universe filled with light and dark. Good and evil. Black and White. One cannot live without the other. While it is true that some of Equestria's worst villains have been destroyed by Friendship, there's always going to be another villain to come along. That's why the Elements of Harmony will probably never retire.

Starlight might not be pure evil like some of the examples we've seen in this show, but I respect her evil. A true villain that can be respected often falls in line with principles that you don't necessarily disagree with. Someone that questions your own morality. She fits the bill. And I don't want that evil personality to disappear.

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"Everything from Christmas to Fluttershy just being cute this time around"

*All year long

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Celestia gives it the ol' college try.

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Nothing wrong with weirdness anyway. It makes us human. *brohoofs*

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But you're still here, right? You're still watching the show, right? In the end, that's all that matters. As long you're enjoying the show, you can forget about those other guys.

You are of course welcome to try and explain yourself, but some people won't bother trying to understand, and I accept that. If this show has taught me anything, it's that keep the people who are most willing to understand you close, and still try and accept those who aren't

....Maybe this is a bit much for just a kid's show. But hey, good advice can be found anywhere. Even a cartoon.

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Their reaction didn't even matter.

Cause it's not like I'd ever stop watching.

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Ohhh most wonderful of books.