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Let me guess … this committee will have us move from the crumbling Capitalist system to the Socialist system, you know … the philosophy whose policies have been foisted up on us for the last fifty years and bankrupted the Capitalist system.

From Socialism, as it fails yet again, we will be herded into the Feudal system where will all live as happy peasants who love to sing folk songs and dance at every opportunity.

I tells ya … that's what's coming. Many will die in the process.

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I can barely believe some of what is being said on this site. it is sub human. Have you no decency, or should I bother asking?

You want to take over America and the rest of the western world. You want to run all aspect of our lives, our workplace, our children. You want to impose your diseased values on the rest of us …. not going to happen.

I must tell you that you won't get what you want by behaving like a pack of chimps. Most of us on the right will happily shoot you when the time comes for that …. when all the talking is done. I think that will be coming along soon enough … probably shortly after the November elections, depending on who wins.

Most of us know that it is not possible to reason with chimps like yourselves, so many of you will go down in the coming war. A major cull of the left is in good order at this time in our sorry history.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Meanwhile, as you continue to suffer that the world isn't what you want it to be, the rest of us will continue living our lives and caring for our families, working hard, paying our own way through life. You will find that you shouldn't have fucked with that. You have crossed the line once too many.

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Because that is who is being organized in the inner cities ... you may have seen the videos of the training and allegiances being stated by those 'yoots'. If there had been any white kids among them, I would have said so, but there wasn't . ... So .... this is a statement of fact not of race. And it is clear that even though Obama is half white, he has claimed pretty much 100% black heritage.

He regularly has Motown entertainment in the white house or aren't you paying attention. His pal Eric Holder recently referred to blacks as "My People". I though American in general were the people of our holders of higher office ... no pun intended.

My statement was mainly that Obama's policies were harming America, the Negro Yoots organization was an adjunct to what he is doing that my lead to more tyranny when the vote fails him. You, being the racists that you are, jumped right on that point and ignored the larger point which is that the Obama administration is an enemy of America ... Period.

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What are you talking about? This is not about race ... I know what Obama is and I know what his mama is ... this about his marxist agenda to take down traditional America ... you twit. Smarten up your head is in your rectum.

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Barrack Hussein Obama and his cadre are the single biggest enemy America has right now. You Americans had better get rid of him, his unions pals, his inner city army of Negro yoots who are preparing to be his own tonton macoup.

The concept of personal freedom is what is at stake here.

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There are no innocent Palestinians.

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It is pointless to debate these zealots. Just call me when the shooting starts. Meanwhile, I will stash food, ammo, supplies, gold etc. A brave new world is approaching. I am glad I am old.

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Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..Mohamed was a pedophile, ..SUE ME

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What I know and what I have observed of Muslims is that I can understand why the men must force women to marry them. What I have seen of Muslim women, they are lucky anyone wants to marry them.

Suppose it's understandable though .... who wants to be forced to marry their cousins?

You would have to eat ten pounds of jelly beans, drink a quart of cheap wine and drop acid to get some idea what it might be like to live the Muslim reality.

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I am curious, who is Larry Sinclair?
I visited your site and loved it.
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