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I wrote a long and well worded comment here and it was deleted. there was no bad language only an argument that Americans are blinded by their own distrust in government. Clearly even in this blog, democracy no longer exists

421 weeks ago @ Tenth Amendment Center - Kill the Bill, Invoke ... · 1 reply · +1 points

Sadly Americans have a pretty dysfunctional government. This makes you all resist even the most obvious changes and it also seems to make certain parts of the population rather paranoid.

Europeans look at the American "health" system with mild disbelief. It is incredible to us (England, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc) that a civilized country such as the USA has such a useless and inhuman system of "caring".
Americans have allowed their health care system to be hijacked by gangsters who charge you 20 dollars for an aspirin and all kinds of related scams. Your system is in fact so bad that even the people reforming it can no longer see what a sensible alternative should be. Make no mistake. there is no freedom in acting as individuals when dealing with health care. This is something you need when you are unable to run around living the American dream and therefore reliant upon others to help you.
The very people resisting this pathetic attempt to catch up with European standards and efficiency are in fact the unknowing errand boys for the corporations they hate so much. It is beyond belief that a nation of otherwise intelligent individuals should react like such children over this issue.
If the current bill makes no difference or aggravates the problem, it will only be because there was no popular will to deal with the real problem that is privatized profiteering on the misery that is illness. So while you all argue your self into bankruptcy, I will go and have my annual checkup with a nice private doctor here in Norway in his lovely office, have a huge battery of tests and pay maybe 15 dollars on the way out. Good luck to you all.
PS. Contrary to popular belief, all European democracies are in fact not Socialist. We leave that to the Chinese. Stay well.