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I like the brick idea, if there is a way to catch the fat, I see a high probability of flare ups. I would cook it over indirect heat, with the lid closed. I think the dutch oven might be overkill, and there'd be no way for the fat to drain away and if there's one thing I don't enjoy, it's a greasy meatloaf.

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Bobbie, this looks great. I'm thinking this might be really good in place of regular egg salad on sandwiches. I like my sandwiches with a bit of crunch -except for peanut butter, but that's a whole other addiction not to be discussed today- I'm thinking if you just ran the slices under the chef knife once in the other direction, it'd be perfect on a sandwich.
I may have to test this theory. I also need to work on making better bread, I've sort of been in a rut.

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Great advice, Jenny.
The main reason I dread hurricane season around here is the potential to lose everything I store in the deep freeze. Everything else, I can deal with all the food in that freezer represents money and hard work.

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Sus, I'm the griller in this house. It does take some practice, but it's a skill worth mastering, if only to free yourself from the hot kitchen. (Yes, it's hot outside, but at least you won't be taxing your AC as much)

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Oh that's a great idea. Sounds like it's time to do a series of foil packets. Here's hoping the minions don't hate them. I have some bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms that need to be used and I think that would go well with chicken and Italian dressing... Must go marinate.

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It's been a long time since I've done a London broil on the grill, but everything for grass fed is saying 7 - 9 minutes per side for a 2" or less thick cut. Are you double checking the temp of your grill with the hand test?

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And on my propane grill the hotspot is the back which is very aggravating. We're talking about building a permanent grill set up in the backyard. I'm very excited.

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How thick are your steaks? With grilling it's not about weight it's about surface area.

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What temperature are you trying to cook it to?
First, you want the meat to come to room temperature (remember you don't want it in the bacterial danger zone for too long, but you don't want to plop it straight onto the grill from the fridge).
If you're direct cooking over a hot grill for a medium rare london broil that's 2" or LESS thick, you probably want to do 7 - 9 min per side. Grilling and broiling are very similar, the heat is just coming from the opposite side. Don't forget to close the lid of the grill, but stay close to watch for flare ups. Once you pull it off the grill cover it and let it sit for 10 minutes and then slice thinly across the grain.

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With my 3rd I figured I had lessened our diaper impact enough that I didn't feel guilty about using disposables at night. We all pick and choose what works for our families and lifestyles.
I won't judge anyone for what they choose, to a point. If your choices make my life difficult, then I reserve the right to be human and petty. :)