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This is a huge issue, as I think many smart, driven people (especially first time entrepreneurs like me) try to solicit a ton of feedback/advice. But there is always that moment when you've got to commit to a decision and jump off a bridge. The one thing that helps me sleep OK is the fact that I collect data, and use it to figure out if the decision was a good one or not - and if it wasn't, try to make a change.

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Thanks for the thoughtful write up!

509 weeks ago @ StartupCFO - The ABCs of SaaS Math · 2 replies · +3 points

Cohort can be beyond time, it can also measure by user source. I track the users who came in from itunes as a cohort to see how they compare to Android or web users.

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Thanks for the write up Brooks! ScanDrop Lite is taking off; we were a top 100 app for a while there!

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I own the TM to "sue me." Please stop using this TM right away, otherwise I'll be forced to scold you again.

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Brooks, I'm very happy that you like ScanDrop. We've gotten a ton of growth out of it recently - and there is something cool on the horizon. I'll make sure we let you know before our next release!
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I can barely handle two, highly related product lines. I don't know how someone could do two businesses at once. When I was an investor this wasn't just a red flag, it was a no-go. But maybe these days you want to seed fund people, not ideas, so they may throw a few MVP's out there to see which one(s) take off - assuming any of them are one of those magic ideas that grow without all the hard work my stuff seems to require...

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Boston has a lot of great tech and programming talent. Keep in mind good co-founders are hard to find!

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I don't think there is any kind of signal if one stays in Boston vs NYC, but the bigger question is why is New York having such success funding early stage consumer focused companies? And what happens in 5 years when most of those companies go out of business but a few hit it big - do the entrepreneurs recycle cash, management and technical expertise back into the New York scene?

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Micah, that is true...