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My, isn't this getting "interesting"?
This is much better than watching American Idol or 24!!!

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Something ignored by this story. What do the laws in Poland say about other non-Christians? What about Jews? Other than Muslims who else has their marriages ignored as well? What about Buddhists and Hindus?

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The problem is the our Constitution does not take note of any difference and it is truly impossible to codify it in such a way that no gov could use it as a tool of repression. Like it or not we have to deal with Islam as a religion as well as a political movement.

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The Islamic mindest is so diametrically opposed to that of a great hacker that I am not worried. Any truly talented hackers would be under more suspicion frm their leaders than you can imagine. I would bet the execution rate for hackers accused of deviance is enormous!

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Havent you figured out that the European laws about hate speech are part of the problem?
What people say doesn't matter as much as what they do. A hate crime is a crime even if no hate motive is found.

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1. Jefferson conducted a police action against pirate nations. He never declared a holy war against Islam or announced that it was not a real religion.
2. What happened to defending Western Values? The American First amendment is held up across the Western world as the gold standard of religious freedom. I like Poles too, does that mean I cannot comment on an inequity in their legal system that hold over from the State Church days?

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If the national concensus was that those holidays should be nationalized I doubt you could stop it. But in the more likely event of that NOT happening you are free to express your will to control others by forming your own Nazi Church and take them off yourself. The biggest danger Islam poses is not Islamization, it is perversion of the bedrock of your feedom. The freedom of religion and speech.
By your logic Orthodox Jews, many Hindus and Buddhists and and very conservative Catholics could also be declared "political and not religious" by a future regime that was hostile to them. Beware what is on the other side of doors you seek to wrench open.

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1. you are so off base it is funny. You argue MY point. Jefferson confronted illegal actions on the national scale as illegal actions. He did not declare Islam illegitimate and declare a holy war. He said enough is enough and sent my forefather Marines to kick butt till they quit.

2. so what if it is another country. Have you not argued that Western values need to be defended agressively? How about those values that haven't even fully taken root, freedom of religion chief among them. The further East you go the less freedom you find in that respect. A legacy in part to our buddies the Muslims. Please take note that disallowing ANY religion from marriages and requiring specific prayers is NOT a Western Enlightenment value!!! Why are you defending what is essentially the idea of a state Church?
Oh, and I have lived in Chi too and also like Poles, what has that got to do with a specific inequality in the Polish legal system?

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Are you so ignorant that you don't know that that is the case already?
The only hurdle for being considered a religion is to profess faith. If I consitantly practice a faith and am willing to fight it through the courts I can get the day off to worship my front sidewalk. If you want to claim the tax exemptions of a "church" organisation it is a very very low bar to clear. It has to be. One man's religion is another man's belly laugh.
I agree that one of the biggest problems in dealing with Islam is it's religiuous nature. It is alot easier to put controlling laws around a secular organization. Why do you think the Hubbardites cling so fiercely to religious status, it gives them added protections.
As I have said before, it is the actions, the fruits of an individual that matter. A crime is a crime whether by Muslim, Jew or whoever. The law must be blind to that distinction!!! Whether an honor killing by a Muslim or letting a child die from diabetes because of a "faith" that God will provide murder by God is still murder.

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IF there is any doubt about the law the Christians need only make the same assertions toward any existing Muslim Dawa groups and have them banned as well. If the city did not ban both grops the Christinas would have an open and shut lawsuit for religious discrimination.