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Agreed about it ending a bit abruptly. I would've loved a scene with the fifth and final woman and then the final chapter in which everyone catches up to him and a massive orgy ensues. Blatant wish fulfillment, of course, but man, it would've been awesome.

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Yeah, this is Anjelica (or Anjelika, Abby or whatever--I swear to God, those Eastern European girls each have a thousand stage names). Kind of ironic to see her in a cuckold scene, as I've only see her have sex with one guy, which I guess is her boyfriend. So she's basically having normal sex with her boyfriend in this scene while "cuckolding" a random actor.

I guess it's that knowledge, not only about this Anjelica but about every other (reasonably well known) porn actor/actress, that makes this whole cuckold genre in real porn just fall flat on me. The acting isn't very convincing either. It's hard to feel jealousy or rage when the "husband" just passively watches his "wife" getting screwed. It's mostly just really awkward to look at, in my opinion at least.

For those who do like it--or just want to laugh/cringe some more--the cuckold genre is reasonably active. Still niche, but there's plenty of (professional) stuff to be found on sites like the Pirate Bay.

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I love the two panels of her avoiding him on page 5.

Edit: What? Why do I get downvoted for this? Like Bedivere says: it's a funny and cute gag. I don't see what is wrong with that.

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I don't doubt that Biri's translations are superior, he's highly regarded by the community for a reason. That said, I honestly never read a work translated by TLLP and thought: "wait, this isn't right". Something I do think when I'm reading something done by CGRascal and his love for question marks, for example. I don't see anything wrong with their editing either, which is a matter of personal taste anyway, at least when it comes to desired levels of contrast. I like contrast, so that whole pitch black thing didn't bother me.

Maybe it's because I'm an amateur when it comes to translating and editing, or perhaps I just have low standards. But even if, hypothetically, TLLP's translations all suck balls, I still think this one is fine, hence why I gave them some credit for it.

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I was actually surprised that this wasn't shared earlier, because The Lusty Lady Project's version was released three days ago. But maybe Oliver knew that Team Vanilla and Afro Thunda wanted to do their own version, as I understand Fukuyama-san is sort of their "love child", and waited for their release. Regardless--and my apologies if I sound like a political correct ass--I want to thank The Lusty Lady Project too, because while BooHentairules (subtle, by the way) acts like a dick about it, I too feel that TLLP gets rather blatantly ignored here. Their translation was fine too and manga don't translate themselves, so here: Thanks for the awesome release, Afro Thunda, Gurumao, Psyburn21 and The Lusty Lady Project.

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Amazing stuff. This just goes to show that it's perfectly possible to write both a pleasant _and_ a scorchingly hot story. I admit that I was afraid it would turn into a much more darker manga when you saw the girl get trained by the father, but her big smile and his dopey grin while she tugged at his arm after the scene took my doubts away. Like the mother says: love comes in many forms.

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I agree that the Engrish fits the overall ridiculousness of this manga best, but for those that want to read the one with proper English dialogue: you can download it here at Psyburn's site, among other places: http://www.funeralofsmiles.com/?p=629

Another thing: Youtube user, frequent cosplayer and avid hentai reader Mostflogged did an actual review about this manga, while dressed up as Momoka, Fakku!'s mascot. Short, but pretty well done and quite entertaining. Not to mention Mostflogged herself looks quite cute. Check her review out here, on Youtube: http://youtu.be/y86VIpi13pc

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You know you're reading something special when a girl takes her clothes off and all the guys in the room, who are obviously going to have sex with her sooner or later, immediately try to put them back on--not because she's ugly or they're not horny, no, because they're decent guys.

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Ah, Mizuno-san (or Chika-san as she is called here and in the official English translations) is as cute and tsundere as ever, with those lovely big tsurime eyes of her. <3

Thanks for the share!

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The Dove women, especially numbers 4, 5 and 9. Nice hourglass figure and a healthy amount of body fat. Not too much, not too little either. The Victoria's Angels look nice--especially Doutzen, who is sadly not represented on the upper picture--but seem a bit too fragile and thin. And you wouldn't find them anywhere in real life anyway, while the Dove women are way more common. A shame so many call them fat, while they're anything but.