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I will definitely be sticking around. I appreciate the quality and thoroughness of the coverage of FCB that exists here at TotalBarca. Keep up the great work!

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I can understand the staff's concerns about the quality (or lack thereof) of comments and how it is dragging down the overall positiveness of TotalBarca. I think everyone whose comments are of negative quality - and you know who you are! - should give their heads a shake and grow up.

Not only are the trolls spewing their garbage, but others also hurt this environment with arrogant posts. It is unfortunate that an atmosphere of intimidation exists wherein someone will be jumped on for their possibly naive comments by those self-proclaimed experts and long-time genuine Barca fans. The negativity toward new Barca fans really bothers me. Just what exactly is wrong with someone being attracted to FCB by its recent 4 seasons of magic? Just because some individuals were not fans back in the lean years doesn't mean they should now face challenged (rudely) for the authenticity of their support and interest for the team. There's just too many people around here who come off with a superiority attitude and the vibe from it is unpleasant, indeed.

How about some friendliness, and welcoming, and mentoring? There's no need for elitism and cliquishness. I'm sorry that TotalBarca has felt the need to switch over to a FB login for commenting here. That bothers me - firstly, because some of you have made some sort of control actions necessary, and secondly, because our freedom to have a TotalBarca identity is being squashed. I really don't want to bring my FB identity here. As a matter of fact, I don't like the increasing domination of the web by FB. I want diversity, not FB homogenity.

I certainly would have preferred some sort of debate and poll about how TotalBarca might deal with negative comments. In that way, the community might have self-corrected. I don't like this imposed correction; and especially don't like the FB aspect of it. I deliberately haven't brought football and Barca into my FB, and now being forced to simply because of people who comment like jerks here and TB is a real drag. I don't know if my ability to comment here is worth changing the dynamic of my FB reality.

So... to summarize... I agree that commenting here has become problematic because of the negativity of too many. But I wish that a community dialogue regarding this problem had been launched by TB, instead of imposing upon us this FB solution.

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I agree. I like Mario. I think he's an interesting individual, and a talented player. I think he gets the sharp end of the stick for at least a couple reasons: racism, and because he's got verve.
Indeed it is too bad he didn't have the opportunity to be developed in more of a supportive, family-like environment. Nevertheless, I think he's doing just fine, in spite of the crap he faces. I regard his uniqueness as his own style of dignity.

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Thanks for the article. I think it sums up the "controversy" about Spain (and somewhat Barca) quite nicely.

It really bothered me that some of the crowd started booing when Spain had possession against Portugal. I wish instead that they would watch Spain from within its logic, and see how effectively (or not) they execute their style of play.

Spain plays like a bullfight - wearing down the animal (opposition) until they finally feel it is ready for a decisive execution. If we look at it in that way, then it is exciting to watch it unfold, the tension rising, until the masterstroke is unleashed. Surely, the artistic nature of such an undertaking is worthy of 90 minutes of patience?

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That's what I was thinking - whose the striker? Most teams when they get a corner, it is a positive thing, a potential scoring opportunity. But corners are nothing for Barca because we don't have anyone to aim for. Yep Pujol on occasion, but generally corners are just an occasion to pass along the pitch to a near player. But with a taller, strong striker, then we might be able to make use of corners in a more traditional sense again.
As well, I believe it the positive possibilities of a little chaos. The sort of chaos that comes from a lob into the box, and either a header or gain control of the ball on the bounce. Trust the skill of our players to make something happen out of such chaos. But we don't try for those opportunities because be expect we'll be beaten to the ball by taller, physical teams.
Yes, a striker of some stature. Not to completely change our approach, but just to create a further option. Someone like Torres?

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True words about the pitfalls of being attracted to the celebrity life. Those who are strong in themselves, and able to learn from the experiences of others, realize the shallowness of celebrity and the distraction of its spotlights. One cannot help but wonder about Pique's loss of focus/forum with his tasting of the fast life.

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One thing that bothers me about this documentary is that he will have to work with existing film and interviews which others have recorded over the past four years. Of course, he can interview people now (or in the future) about the past, however that's not the same as interviewing people in the moment as the accomplishments occur. Similarly, he will only be able to work with the film which others recorded, and basically edit other people's shots. Which is a lot different than contributing his own film perspective through directing his camera as the games were played. Essentially one big editing job.

All the aside, but significant nonetheless, I have no doubt it will be an incredible documentary. A must see. I'm sure it will be a definitive recapitalization of the Pep era.

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Thanks for this wonderful homage to Pep era. It has indeed been a fantastic ride. Sad it couldn't have been 4 out of 4 La Liga's and 3 of 4 CL (well, 4 of 4 actually) but we couldn't have been closer. And most acknowlege that despite going out in semis, we were actually the superior team in each instance. And indeed we were. Oh yes we were.
I look forward to the future. I trust in Tito. I believe the magic has been passed on, it is not gone.
I wish I could have seen the Pep Team with only air between my eyes and their wonderment, but alas I could only watch on tv, and I watched on every possible occassion. Gracies Pep. Visca Barca.

And gracies Rasmi.

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I think we only lost our repeats because of a handful of goals. 4 or 5 or 6 key goals turned this entire season. Even those teams who park against us (who some think a Drogba-like plan b would succeed against) only beat us because of the goal they scored.

Let's focus on preventing those key goals, and let our current offense do the rest. No way a Drogba-like player is going to prevent those key goals that beat us. Only a stronger/quicker/smarter back line will do the trick. That's where our focus should be.

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that's a good one... ^_^

Seriously though... likely Chelsea would be willing to trade Drogba and Torres for Messi. Now that would be a good deal.