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There are two sorts of usb ports, the ones on the front of the computer are not the high speed USB ports, neither are any external usb ports attached to the computer. Go ahead and do your center and menu reset, then plug your cable into the back of the computer, not the front. the back has high speed 2.0 usb ports, those have enough power to keep the charge up and not drain your device. Also, go into the Ipod settings and change the backlight timer to 5 seconds or less. That conserves battery power. If you get really desperate for it to hold a charge, do what people that are experienced with batteries do and believe it or not, stick it in the refrigerator for a while (NOT the freezer), sometimes you have to leave it in there overnight. I have a 80 gig Ipod Video 5th gen and it is older, that is how I deal with it's quirky-every-once-in-a-while complete shutdown.

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Every place I have gone has signs in spanish and spanish interpreters. I thought the law was that a migrant could not get here legally without being able to at least speak the language, yet they suck the system dry by not paying their hospital bills, then, like you said, changing their identity. That is, if they do not have medicaid, which most illegals do. They do not know our ways, and have no respect for America, yet they know to go immediately to Social Security and Health and Welfare. What is going on here?

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I want to be known only as Half-Breed, I am half native american and half caucasion. I was assaulted after a move to Southern California, where the illegal immigrant population is better than half in the town I lived in. The assailant was an illegal immigrant. He was never checked for his status as an american or not when he went to the jail to await trial for what he did to me. I am thankful for that because he was not deported, in which case he could have come back and do to another woman what he did to me. I saw that he was fully prosecuted, and he is now in prison.
In some ways these criminal illegal immigrants should have their status checked, and in some ways they should be treated as any other criminal, perhaps even more so than an american inmate.
Look up on the internet the terms "New Aztlan" and "Reconquista" and you will receive a shock, especially with an image search.
I have even found the photograph of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima desecrated, showing instead men in Sombreros raising the mexican flag.
I fought against being a victim then and I still fight it.