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At least the main character of Legend of Zelda has more personality and better emotions than the main character of Twilight!

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I was going to post that,your magnific bastard!*kisses on both cheeks*

I just marked you with my kiss of death!The other one was just a regular kiss

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You know who else loves when they are in that place?

My Mom!

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Dont even get me started on these admins from the Halolz server,they are just a bunch of clows,stuck up-

Jaden a.k.a Hakokoro has left the game(Banned)

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Pandora,a beautiful place with a beautiful amount of animals,giant dog-like creatures that will attack you in sight!A giant bat moth creature that breaths fire,dont forget the camera!You are in for the ladies?Dont worry,we have our ONLY female resident ready for anything!The paradise,Pandora!But more important than anything remember...


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I dont inuderstand the joke with Portal 2 only.It's not like it got worse,only better comapred to two in terms of gameplay.And you can goof a litte,nothing ridiculous like the other 2 examples... wait you came here expecting a joke?Alright,let me se...Valve cant count to 3.there.

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What we learned with this history child?If you arent accepted how you are

Change to something completely different from yourself!Nothing will end up wrong.

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It will sure be hard to PIKI a class!

A PIKIMINIGUN is always useful for these situations!

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Its Bullseye in a HAwkeye Costume,no serious,it is

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man people really hate a bad joke abou languages,wont post when i just wake up anymore