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For Fukushima at least, there is no coverup, the panicky commentary of the mainstream "we do daily horrors" press (and sundry bloggers fapping to the possibility of million dead) notwithstanding:

Yeah it's bad, but it's still only an _industrial_ accident.

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During 1938 Szilárd accepted an offer to conduct research at Columbia University in Manhattan, and moved to New York, and was soon joined by Fermi. After learning about the successful nuclear fission experiment conducted during 1939 in Germany by Otto Hahn, Fritz Strassmann, Lise Meitner, and Otto Robert Frisch, Szilárd and Fermi concluded that uranium would be the element capable of sustaining a chain reaction. Szilárd and Fermi conducted a simple experiment at Columbia and discovered significant neutron multiplication in uranium, proving that the chain reaction was possible and enabling nuclear weapons. Szilárd later described the event: "We turned the switch and saw the flashes. We watched them for a little while and then we switched everything off and went home." He understood the implications and consequences of this discovery, though. "That night, there was very little doubt in my mind that the world was headed for grief."

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"Maybe that´s what happened on the Moon and Mars"

Whoa there! You cannot just go and make up stuff based on old recycled Heinlein stories. Moon has always been a wasteland of light elements, leftover from the two protoearth collisions, and Mars is just a paradise for people who want to do rock-climbing in pressure suits, too small to even hold on to a serious atmosphere.

If I wanted to read Adamsky, I know where to google him.

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Well, you can't criticize interventions while critcizing non-interventions, can you?

"with blasé disinterest as Rwanda was hacked to bits"

Hacked itself to bits, rather. And it ain't over yet, either.

"The Libya intervention is estimated to cost France about $1.5 million a day, yet so far it enjoys bipartisan support in Parliament. The public, too, is largely supportive."

That is, until the welfare checks are late. France is also on the list of countries that may need a container or two of freshly printed EURos lest the top-heavy state apparatus transforms itself into a mass of striking retards that suddenly have found their inner Marxist.

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"There are signs on the bases here that instruct soldiers to keep their tourniquets in their right shoulder pocket. Should a soldier need a tourniquet, that is likely to be the only pocket they have left."

... but how is he gonna use it?

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Yes, but that's cheap.

The "more" has to be replaced by "any".

The "would be fine" has to be replaced by a totally different idea - "might not be in the danger of blowing up in your face regularly" for example.


"If only there was more surveillance, we would be more secure".

Well no, and you will lose your soul doing more surveillance.

Is the counterpoint

"If only there was less surveillance, we would be more secure" ?

No, it's

"If only there was less surveillance, we would not always be at the edge of the Total Surveillance abyss"

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"The truth is that Gates should not have been telling European members of NATO to get their act together to preserve the alliance; he should have been asking Americans why we’re still part of NATO."

Ummm.... because NATO is the US permanent presence in Europe?


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"If the Likud remains in power, this group of ultra-rightists will be the government of Israel within 10 years"

I sure hope *someone* with brains is planning on taking out the trash before SHTF. It's sad times when one has to hope for a strongman to do some wetwork, but what can one do.

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Dude, you really should doubt the "600 kills" story. People cannot get away with that kind of work unless they are politicians.

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Aren't these writers that have come online in the last 15 years or so, that have their head full of ClintonGore, BushPush and ObamaMia and that have to go to Wikipedia to look up Timothy McVeigh or Gudurn Ensslin or even Baruch Goldstein?