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but the problem is that even now most of these 900 will still go out on polling day and vote labour! they have succumbed to the brain washing anti British rhetoric of the treachorous labour dhimmis, wales, to me, and most other English people was always a very proud celtic country, but it would seem they have forsaken that pride and bowed down to the lies and deceit force fed to them by the immigrant loving labour party.

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get rid of the traitors in your government, we in the U.K have been suffering this kind of racism for
the last 20 years, hopefully 2010 will see the beginning of the end of it, with a huge swing to the British National Party.

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excellent work wandsworth B.N.P keep it up, best wishes from south B,ham B.N.P

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Meeting true English people, and true British people, be they English, Irish, Sottish, or Welsh, and feeling that common bond that binds us together, is a feeling worth fighting for.
it does not matter what spin the LibLabCon trinity put on immigrants, no matter where they originate from they can NEVER share that with us, we have earned that right by fighting wars against each other, and fighting wars side by side, we are comfortable with our own kind, and if that is racist, THEN I AM A RACIST.

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activists everywhere, get your walking shoes out, there is much to be done and it will not do itself.
now we really have them on the back foot and must keep them there, get out and spread the faith, for that is what it is, the faith that now we can pull our countries back from the brink, and out of the quagmire of politically correct slime designed to silence us.

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Somebody should tell him, suicide is painless.......

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Bloody marvellous, now it is happening.

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keep up the good work Martin, it was a pleasure meeting you and a privilege to play a very small part in your election Campaign.
and to Emma FindlAy?, I would ask, how do you hide on the council?.

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The poison dwarf was one of the misfits protesting at the Red White and Blue festival in Derby, if this is the calibre of the opposition we have won.