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You are missing a piece. It doesn't say the pressure exists before the plasma field is active. It's created as it's initiated. At an 89% reduction in gravity/mass, and therefore pressure, that's 27,500 atmospheres. This is an Einstein calc, not a Newtonian one.

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The FAA aren't investigating anything. They've been sending out notices to commercial drone companies for the last year. They are ginning up a BS story to support their harassment of private plane owners.

By the way, this isn't a drone. It's a remote controlled plane. The real UAV drones are semi-autonomous unmanned craft, that the FAA doesn't seem to care about, with hellfire missiles attached to it. A real drone crashed in Maryland, and they didn't seem to give a flyin F about it. Draw your own conclusions. Government isn't here to protect you. It's here to protect itself.

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And Cuba has it, Venezuala has it, and China has it. Where do all of there World Leaders go for treatment. And what's the first thing you think of when you hear "He's English". Fked up teeth and a bad accent.

If you think Government should be in charge of your life, you are missing the point entirely. Medicare should not exist. Medicaid should not exist. Socialist Security should not exist. Those taxes and those private sector "requirements" are what drive up cost.

All prices increase when government regulates a service or product. If you can't comprehend that after seeing what these "civilized" Nations have become, then there is no hope for you. You voted for the right party. Stick with the Collectivists, because you don't belong here.

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I guess they don't have enough money to move. Go bankrupt and save what little dignity you have left. Stop playing footsie with the NAZI's.

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I thought this was a joke, so I looked up her CV. They aren't kidding. Besides her award from the Ukraine, she was a guest lecturer here:

Government of Kuwait, Kuwait City (1997‐first US woman judge to speak in

Government of Egypt (2012)‐presentation on enforcement of foreign court
orders in cross border financial investigations, presentations before
the Court of Cassation and Cairo University Law School

Judicial Institute of the United Arab Emirates(UAE) at Sharjah (2011)‐presentation
on copyright and trademark law

She gave a talk to the government of Egypt in 2012? The Muslim Brotherhood?

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Barry Hussein Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J Bounel, is a foreign born Communist spawn of Islam and his goal is to destroy America and Western Civilization as a whole in fire.

Enjoy the ride useless idiots.

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The crocodile tears of a treasonous whore. It's a little late to defend your virtue after you handed over the house keys to communist rapists.

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Why does Romney always look like he's sucking the juice out of a Democrats snausage when he speaks?

First, nobody but the SS/CIA knows where his "home" is. Second, find your balls and sound off like you got a pair- it's pathetic. And third, if you can't deal with the reality that is Obama, he's going to crush you with it. Fair warning.

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I'm buying this movie. Done and done.