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Wow... I feel like I have been fed intellegence! Thanks! I might have to disagree on the last statement. I think it has affected the art world in a huge way! I think artists from all over the world are going to be interested in being a part of this. I also think that it's affected the general public as well - it's expanded my horizons of what art is and has actually inspired me in my own little sphere to maybe try to be more artistic in what I do (photography, digital scrapbook, quilting). Thanks!!!

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Also… if we have national healthcare coverage, although people will not go to the ER as much (hopefully... there will probably be more wait times to see PCP so there probably will be a spike in inappropriate ER usage) we will probably have more people using the healthcare system in general. Additionally, currently most ER's only have 3% of their total usage is for non-emergent uses. It's not ER usage that is the cause of over-spending - you should be looking at NICU's and the elderly (which this will be rising even more because the baby boomers are aging).

We have got some serious issues with spending. We spend more per capita on healthcare than any other country and yet the US does not have better health outcomes on important issues (15.2% in 2003 of our Gross Domestic Product) The healthcare system is broke.

Unfortunately it's not that I have any answers to this problem, but it's naive to say that miraculously our health system will be fixed and spending won't increase just because we have nationalized healthcare.

I wish both sides of this debate could become more logical and look at facts instead of FEELINGS.

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What a naive thing to say. Of course national health care will cost more (I am actually for it). Look at Canada and Germany - once everyone has "free" healthcare, suddenly people will go to the doctor because they have a runny nose. They are struggling to keep their healthcare systems alive just like us. Many people will get a feeling of entitlement. Germany actually got to a point where they created 5 sugar pill prescriptions so the doctors could "prescribe" something to people that just have a cold but DEMANDED that they get something because they were entitled - so they got sugar pills. This is just one of the issues with nationalized healthcare. I believe healthcare is a right and I hope the US can figure out a plan to make this happen, however, if you are for this you should not be saying things like it's not going to cost more. It will.

47 million American's don't have healthcare coverage. Where is the money going to come from to insure these people?