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Bob, the disconnect between the photo and reality hits me about once every 2 years when I'm enticed to visit a Subway location on the tantalizing prospect of finding the sandwich of my dreams. There is probably a fine line between creating a vivid image for consumers and being able to deliver on that implied promise. Most of the time I must be guilty of "over-expecting."

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Thanks for the tip about Barry Schwarttz and thanks for visiting Thinking Big Works. And by the way you look great in the hard hat photo on Twitter.

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Thanks for the comments. I love Yogi's expressions. They make you smile, laugh and see the whimsical side of life. He's a national treasure.
Good luck with your decisions and we hope you continue to visit Thinking Big Works.

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Flatulence reigns supreme! It's been entertaining kids for generations. But we might be in trouble if You Tube technology develops a a "scratch n sniff" option.

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Danny, a good suggestion but it might be a bit difficult to monitor. But I have seen things work informally. I belong to a business exchange group that informally accomplishes a lot along the lines of cross-coaching.
I've also spoken to many CEO forums and am impressed with how much cross mentoring that goes on. There are common problems that pervade lots of industries and most members are happy to share their knowledge to lessen the learning curve for others. Some are born mentors and delight in being able to help.

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Danny, as I mentioned in point 3 of my post the process does not have to be expensive. It’s usually economical. Many candidates are flattered to serve and can be enticed with a warm invitation for assistance. You should be prepared to cover meeting expenses and a modest stipend can go a long way towards fostering a motivated participant.

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This is patience in action. David, since I have difficulty arranging 6 or more dominoes I can really appreciate the grand design, execution and filming of this event. If I was involved it would definitely be "Miller Time" after a successful completion.

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Optimism reigns supreme. It's a long day when you don't have a few laughs and maintain an optimistic view on the dance we call life.

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I love these guys. The sequence with the great investment names (enhanced, leveraged, high value, etc.) is funny and frightful at the same time because you can envision people picking investments on that approach alone.

Every mortgage lender and broker in the country should be required to watch this. And without the benefit of popcorn.

Their dry wit and style remind of an old American comedy team Bob and Ray who employed the same interview technique with similar success.

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I'll give the "eyes" exercise a try. I may have eye strain but it will be worth it to have a new technique.