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Closest thing you're going to find is Pligg, as far as I know. There is no "Free" script out there. Anyway, unless you have the connections, a free script wouldn't help you anyway. The market share is too fierce to support another clone, unless they innovate heavily.

I wouldn't provide you a download link anyway, I will provide you a link to see more info on the script and then you can decide if you want to download.

pligg.com <- There, but it's really more like Digg

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Why would access to the startup folder be denied to an admin account?

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mojodo, I looked into this, and how can you do that from Group Policy?
I don't even see an obvious way to make that happen.

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Yes, I feel your pain, but in a different way. They changed my pic on an article, and took the time to say "oops, pic unrelated, sorry!" but didn't bother changing it. Now, to their defense they have a really messed up caching system, and it can be difficult to clear the post out of the cache. But lately, I haven't seen ANY thumbnails. At all.

I got the "Already Submitted" also, on a post the I created. There was something similar I guess, but I've seen so many duplicates uploaded that it's mind boggling. They have hierarchical control issues if you ask me. There is some obvious disconnect between The top and bottom of the staff behind 2leep.

I hope they straighten out their issues. They are up against a monster at the moment, and I wish 2leep the best of luck. They're gonna need it.

In the mean time, until they obtain the type of funding required to run their operations properly, we're left to look for alternatives. You never know what will happen if they slip and someone else gets the magic combination. So keep your eyes open, and subscribe! (I'm putting my subscribe box back up in the upper right) You'll want to see what I'm about to post next in the 2leep Saga. I have exhaustive notes to go through before I get my next post together, so stay tuned. ;)

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It was a limited time run in 2009 by Zanga... there was only a 48 Hour window when you could get it, BUT I would watch for the anniversary date of when the Baby Elephant came out to see if they bring it back. You know the circus only comes once a year.... ;)

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*This is Verified as no longer working*

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Good thing you're here reading about shortcuts in windows then.
I enjoy intelligent responses like these, they provide amusing insight into the short sightedness of some people.

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I highly recommend making the switch if your comfortable working with servers!

Thanks for the compliments!

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From Jack at wahoha "It’s a custom script built by ourselves. A combination of python, nginx and tornado. Its around 16.5* faster than 2leeps/mgids systems. But have plans to make it even faster with out sourcing the images to servers around the world."

Yes, I said Ruby, I was mistaken, from memory for some reason I recalled Ruby instead of Tornado. Prolly because I'm not familiar with Tornado, but I do really enjoy nginx.

I'm familiar with the DP Forums convo you speak of and . . . Hmm... I'll keep my mouth shut at this point....
Too tired to know what to keep my mouth shut, so I'll opt for keeping quiet for the moment...

But that script that's for sale, there can't be much to it. The systems are pretty straight forward.

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In regards to Wahoha deleting my article, it seems it was somehow posted to the wrong site, I manage multiple sites, and it was sent to the wrong one. Apparently, so I retract my implication that Wahoha deleted my post. They only denied it, as I had used their logo, and they did not want it to appear like they were self promoting themselves in their widget. Which that much, I can completely understand.

It is unfortunate that this was the first time I've ever posted an article, into the wrong website. :|

I believe I will come up with a better logo/image and repost.