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Sigh. He is not working alone. That is for sure. That is why he is so cocky, so arrogant. If something isn't done NOW we are going to not have any of our freedoms left. None. We will be just like Germany was under Hitler. Please God, save our beloved America!
You might want to look at this:

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I just read, 2 days ago, that Obama quietly put money into ACORN so it wouldn't go away. maybe they're changing their name, but if it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck......

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You can download the Federal Health Care Nullification Act from this article and send it off to your elected officials. Have your friends do the same. .....let them know you want this for your state too!

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I am 60 years old. I have not had health insurance for most of my career (30 yrs) as a real estate broker, but I take all the steps to keep healthy. I pay cash at the doctor's office. The 1 time I had to go to the hospital, I worked it out to pay them back. I was never denied care... and it was good care. Neverwrong is right. This bill has nothing to do about O giving a rats rear about the people. Ray Charles could see that! It is totally about power/control. I love to see states doing what MO is doing. I live in CA with all the flippin' nutcases now & have little hope our leadership would be so wise. Congratulations to MO's leaders!