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Oh sweet mercy mother of Christ!

That poor, poor defenceless dog.

This just brings tears to my eyes, and anger to my being.

Ricky Lee Knowles - how dare you! Komo censors won't let what really needs to be put here.

I hope God is more forgiving.

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Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist is awesome. I listened to him on the radio shortly after the conviction was tossed out. He feels the appeal will indeed restore the conviction. Now, she won't face any additional jail time or be forced to return, but it will be purely on principal - and we owe that to the families.

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But she IS sorry.

She is sorry she got caught!

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Gay/Straight/Bi - whatever. It doesn't change the fact that Anderson Cooper will ALWAYS look better than I do!

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Fabrice Bregier ?

Isn't that an air freshener?

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AWESOME! Looks like he's having a great time!

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What do you get for a wedding gift?

Wonder where she is registered?

What do you do if they have to return the gift?

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I feel bad for the family. Must be tough knowing he is up there.

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The original story didn't mention how old Josh is - just that he is in his early 20's.

Everyone think back to your own early 20's. Granted, mine was a long time ago, however I remember how difficult it was starting out. All of my friends back then were in the same boat too. It's hard finding a job, putting a roof over your head, paying bills and student loans, starting a family, etc.

Add to that a whole mess of other factor for Josh like PSTD, medical issues, the economy's dismal performance for veteran opportunities, etc.

Point is this young man (and he is just a young man) has a lot to deal with.

He is trying to find his own way - and he is trying! He is going to school, and working on making his life better. He is putting in A+ efforts!!!

I don't think he wants handouts. I don't think he is looking for sympathy.

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