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Just a small quibble, near the beginning of the video it is stated that one of the indigenous religions of India before the islamic invasion was Sikhism. This is surely a mistake: Sikhism was a reaction against the depredations of the moslem invaders.

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If I'd been there I would have thrown my shoes at the obnoxious little squirt before walking out. Hopefully others would have done the same.

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This is certainly not false. YOU are the one who needs to do some reading: you can start here:

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Er... well, I was regularly beaten as a child and it was always my father who did it. Apart from that, no, I have no idea what I'm talking about. And I certainly don't have first-hand experience of muslim family life, so I could be totally wrong.

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Just a thought -- call me a fool if you will -- but I strongly suspect this woman has been ordered to take the rap for her husband. Most baby-batterers are men. That would explain her unutterably miserable expression.