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I'm no expert on religious doctrine, nor a science major, but regardless of whether or not the Bible or any other religious doctrine is in fact true, they are (as you stated) "moral stories". Things such as the Ten Commandments, even if they are not passed down by a higher being, are still morally just ways of thinking. The Commandments teach such simple moral ideas as to respect your elders, do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, etc. Regardless of religious beliefs, I believe everyone here can agree that these things are wrong to do. CaptBart was not quoting scripture in order to put his religion onto anyone else, but merely to give a point of reference. So before you start throwing the religion flag, why not try to read an article without bias? You may realize that this was in fact a very good one.

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except one in the hands of a Soldier.

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Although an M4/M16 system is more likely to jam, most of those jams can be avoided as long as you take care of it as needed. I am active duty Army, and many of you vets can back me up here, weapon maintenance is key to an M16. Just food for thought. As long as you are trained in how to clean it, reliability isn't a huge problem on an M16.

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Wondering if and when the next article will be?

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I agree with Ray. I know it sounds ruthless, but surviving is a business. If they don't have much to bring to the table, and their presence would be more a liability than an asset, it's your job (as the leader of the situation I am assuming) to do what is logical and better for the survival of your family or group, as opposed to what's better for the survival of the visitors

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Not that anyone would question him, but also being in the service, I have done my homework on what weapons I use and the military is currently debating switching back to a .45 for this exact reason. Now instead of Moro pirates being hyped up on drugs, it's suicide attackers who are trained and determined to take out as many soldiers as possible before they finally go down themselves.

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Although your photo does show similar penetration, if you look at the width of damage from the highest to lowest points of visible damage, the .45 is almost double that of either 9 mm round.

IMHO, the .40 provides the best compromise in price and damage done to target