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Iraq War similarities:

Michelle Henke is doing routine patrols. Bomb goes off. She knows it's coming but not who, when or where. Just like US Marine Patrols get blind-sided and bombed.

Disagreements in (The guy who wrote the Weapons Report is in trouble) the Solarian Forces show that Idiots are in charge. The goofballs the US got elected in Iraq. Letting the Taliban AND the War-Lords and the Mullahs MANIPULATE them. Seem similar to the Mesa manipulation here.

Quick visits by TOP BRASS - Bush to Iraq - Henke to Tillerman Presidents and Military leaders. Seem to fit too.


Is this a set up for an Assassination Attempt on Henke - by Mesa - Timed to an attack by SLN in space?

IF SO...

We had better watch for Tree Cat movements...


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I'm wondering if David Weber will PULL The Trigger during a weak moment for Michelle Henke. Maybe when she is planetside.

Perhaps have a Frontier Sercurity ship Captain have a BRAIN Short Circuit
and start blowing up Starships - while the ships in her command are parked around a planet.

Feeling safe.

But not "safe" because of the Computer-Brain-Virus the BAD Guys control... Where, who, when.