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Hi Bob,
I have read upto Page 35. Isn't it a contradiction that Krishna recites the poem about love and fruits of action in a battle field. How can the lord Krishna give such a magnificent discourse on life and yet be involved in the war. More than that Lord Krishna bends or even breaks the rules of engagement to help win the war. Does being a karma-yogi mean that the ends justify the means ?
I am curious to get your take on this (If you've already talked about this, can you point me to the relevant thread ?)

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Hi Bob,Thanks for starting this forum. I am really late getting into the reading, not too late I hope. (I got an invite to "like" elephant journal on FaceBook a few days ago and the first thing I noticed was the Gita Talk ! ). I have never read any version of the Gita before, I am familiar with the Mahabharata( I used to be fascinated by mythology growing up ),

I did purchase a copy of Stephen Mitchell's book.(came in today). I look forward to reading it and the discussions !