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If I injure someone, I am liable. If I am very negligent, I can go to jail. While it sounds reasonable that a government might pass laws about foolish behavior, why is it? Will someone not shoot into the air because of a criminal law but not because it could be negligent? Is the law a felony? Why?

As we see today, if you give somes states a half an inch, they will try to throw open the door. Some states and statists don't care about shooting in the air, they are seeking power and their best plan is to remove resistance. Our founding fathers pointed out the need for keeping local power and control and things have only gotten worse. You don't "compromise" your rights. If you do, you didn't really believe they were

As to cars, driving is a privilege, not a right. I can and is controlled.

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Some time ago, I likened the President to Chauncey Gardener, so, obviously this article is great. The metaphor is apt except, as Farakan says, Obama was "selected before being elected."

His stumbling was guided. Mr. Obama was the perfect front for may diverse groups, his old school Marxists who carried him free of any productive responsibility, and the super-rich interests behind the scenes. Mr. Obama believes because he is special, he has selected to be the prince. He is, as I dubiously read two years ago, a textbook case of narcissism. (Wiki it)

The problem will be removed in two years, but the damage already here is beyond calculation. Next year will be blood bath as it will be Main Street's turn to take a hit. Main Street, though, will not be bailed out. As they say in the commercials, Voting Matters. Only, we have produced simpletons and academics who vote. Having a job in the private sector would be a good qualification for voting.