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Email is happening out of view of the public and the potential for abuse in the future is quite concerning.

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Yes, most are intending to elect the Party or Leader. Some will hold their nose to support the general direction of the Party and a few will vote strategically. I voted ND once in Ottawa Center (Broadbent) since it was a battle between the Libs and the ND. Reducing the number of seats the Libs had was the best I could do. It was Party and Leader I was voting for.

Now I live in a riding that is Conservative or Liberal. I'll vote Conservative no matter what with the current leader. I work long hours during the campaign and put in time in between elections mostly because of the local candidate. If I heavily disliked the Leader but supported the Party and liked the local candidate I would still vote Party. If I felt I couldn't support the Leader and the local candidate, then I would vote for someone else but not Lib, NDP or Green since I could not support their Leader or Party.

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Well the National media can't focus on 308 ridings so they focus on the leader almost exclusively during a writ period. Prior to the election they on the party and leader and MP in major positions. Being national they have to.

We have had a House where a group of individuals debate issues. We have always had a strong Party system. Way back when the British a had a more free House, the parties developed a stronger role as they did a better job than a group of unfocused individuals.

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Except that studies have shown at about 45% of the people primarily cast their vote because of the Leader, 45% because of the Party and 10% due to the local candidate. So in local contests, Canadians do in practice vote for the Leader and a Party that they want to win a majority.

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How old is Jason Kenney?

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Martin put Minister's offices up on a website. Not MPs.

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Have they charged his parents for creating a child soldier yet?

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She is a Liberal, appointed by Paul Martin.

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The ads sound like the same as the menacing "Harper wants armed troops in our cities" nonsense the Liberals tried to fearmonger us with before.

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If the Greenpeacers and environmentalists had not stopped us from building plenty of nuclear power plants then we would have means of replacing coals plants and other big energy producing sources.